Friday, January 8, 2016

Converting To Soular Energy

Converting To Soular Energy ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I've been having an amazing experience running Conscious Conversation Meetup groups around the Puget Sound.  They are discussion groups being held at libraries, but they are so much more.

Holding space for them is an effortless expansion of Consciousness on my part. And yet I've noticed that about half way through the event, my solar plexus is completely shut down.

Here I am in this incredibly high and clear energy, and my stomach is closed up tight.  What's going on?

Looking at it through my old lenses, my third chakra appears completely closed and my crown chakra is too wide open. It's the opposite of my original metaphysical training, which had me shut my crown down to 10% and have my solar plexus chakra open (this also relates to my root chakra, which would be equally closed down).

Now in the old paradigm, this made a lot of sense. Why have your crown wide open? It's like tuning in to all 999 cable channels at once. You don't need all that running into your body. Closing it down to 10% helped hone the information and energy so you were just channeling yourself. Which is cool. You don't need some 5,000 year old warrior driving your car when the last thing it operated was a chariot.

But even chakras and running energy are antiquated.  We can still do this if we want to, but it's a less efficient way to operate.

I was talking to a woman the other day about grounding, the old technique of cording your root chakra to the center of the earth. It feels stabilizing, it feels like gravity increasing, yet it also brings you into a level of density and pain. Nowadays we can anchor in the body, and give it our Presence without being weighed down.

I realized my old way of operating my solar plexus and distributing energy through my body was a little like driving with an engine operating with fossil fuels.  I need a different model for powering my physical form with Consciousness techniques.

But what to upgrade to?

My new way of grounding is first anchor as Consciousness in the body by creating a focal point in the lower abdomen, near the tailbone.  Then imagine wirelessly connecting with the center of the Earth (i.e. the hologram). That automatically relaxes my solar plexus.

Rather than energy from the past, which is dense and sluggish, what else supplies energy? What else supplies information? The sun, of course.

You can imagine a focal point at the top of your head, wirelessly connected to the sun (center of our solar system).  Yet "soular" energy is everywhere, it can simply permeate your whole system with warmth.

That's really all you have to do. I see our energy systems reorganizing to the new vibratory level of Consciousness. The upgrade is happening without your needing to get out the tiny screwdrivers and opening up your hard drive!

This is something you need to experience for yourself and get your own information as to it's usefulness. Play with these ideas and techniques, this week. And see what happens!

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