Friday, January 22, 2016

Dreams and "Reality"

Dreams and "Reality" ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

 Last Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday, so there's been a lot of talk about having a dream. Martin Luther King, Jr. voiced a powerful dream for the world, which has taken decades to become reality.

We're encouraged to be ambitious, but dreams are supposed to be impossible and aspirations only become reality with a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

I've been look at this lately as I review my old curriculum in preparation for teaching a new series of Consciousness Techniques. What are dreams, was is reality? How do we turn our dreams into reality?

As we've been evolving with this collective shift in Consciousness, the old rules and even the old New Age techniques are changing.

Consciousness creates reality. The Secret and the Law of Attraction talks about thoughts becoming things. From our perspective as body personalities on Earth, we see this as ideas, out there on the wispy edge of the physical plane, somehow magically becoming solid and real.

From the perspective as Consciousness, which exists here and out there beyond the 'wispy edge', it's about focus, and bringing it in more concentratedly until it takes form.

Using the old rules and old New Age techniques, you realize your dreams through repetition (affirmations), and repeated visioning (vision boards), and inspired action to build it in the here and now.

Have you noticed, when you do that, you get what you want, but there's always something "off" about it? Like you manifest your soul mate, and they're married, or you manifest big chunks of money, and then big expenses as well.

Because one way of manifesting reality into the physical, is to give it density through lies or distortions. Dreams seem impossible because people are chasing the external lies rather than their internal Truth.

Money doesn't buy happiness because when you're chasing dollars, that's not what you really want. Examine the dream to win Lotto. It's not the big chunk of cash that people want, it's financial freedom, it's security, it's to get out of survival and have a feeling that all is well.

The same with seeking your soul mate or the love of your life. You find someone who fits all your requirements and yet the relationship is fraught with conflict. You're not seeking the ultimate sex or the ultimate romance. You're seeking to feel loved, recognized and accepted for who you essentially are. You are perfect, and your soul mate isn't, either.

When your dreams really do manifest into reality, they're never exactly what you initially pictured. They're better than you imagined. Because it's not the little you who is creating reality, it's you as Consciousness.

When you align yourself with your Essence, change can happen instantaneously. Because on the level of Consciousness, there is no time or space. It doesn't have to take eons to evolve. Molecules can rearrange themselves into a different experience in any moment, when you're operating as Consciousness.

Mostly, it's relaxing inward, into yourSelf, knowing that You hold the best of intentions for your little self. It is a supportive You-niverse and all is indeed very, very well.

Your assignment for the next 7 days, should you choose to accept it, is to drop your focus from outside pursuits and turn within. Shift your perspective to inside yourSelf.

The world is not going to end when you stop trying. You can still continue your daily activities, but you've changed your pivot point from outside in, to inside out.

When you're centered within, you don't need external fuel. You realize that within you is a wellspring of creativity, abundance, and joy. Try this for the next week and see what happens!

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