Friday, January 1, 2016

Having What You Ask For

Having What You Ask For  ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

We all go through phases of growth, times of contraction and times of expansion.  If you're operating as your body-personality, it feels like these things are happening to you. You feel powerless to do anything about them.

As you increase in awareness, you start to recognize how you create these experiences. You call them in through your intentions, you bring them on through your resistance.

You say you want someone or something in your life, and things unfold to manifest what you ask for. It may not be immediately apparent that's what is occurring, until you step back and look at the big picture (or look back and see how life reorganized).

For instance, you may want financial freedom, and then you get laid off. It takes months to find another job, and by that time you've stripped away all your material trappings. Maybe you even became homeless in the process.  You become financially free because you're no longer 'owned' by all the 'stuff' you thought you needed.

Or you want your soul mate, and every Mr. Right you date turns out to be Mr. Wrong. It forces you to hone your discernment. Or your Mr. Right dumps you, revealing to you a deep issue - are able to  you able to what you ask for?

We're all Consciousness creating a physical experience. When we shift our perspective to navigating life *as* Consciousness, we realize we've been creating our reality all along.

As Consciousness, you think of something you want, and you instantaneously create it. You've already encompassed it in your energetic reality. If it's not in your physical world yet, if you haven't brought it in, it's because you haven't expanded the container of your life.

Sometimes in expanding your container, the scaffolding dismantles, and it feels like your world is falling apart. As Consciousness you're actually renovating your structure to have what you asked for.

You can't really do this as body-personality, because it ends up looking like a DIY remodel. You charge around manipulating everyone and everything, or doing 'geographicals'  - running away to seek greener pastures.

You can't change, fix, or manipulate the hologram from a body-personality level with any success. You'll always recreate the original storyline. It'll be the same play with different scenery, the same characters played by different actors.

Your body-personality needs to relax (from it's perspective, surrender) and allow the greater aspect of YOU to come in and let it happen.

Your body-personality is powerless, but YOU are not.

If you feel like everything you've tried hasn't worked, if it seems like everything is against you, you've been creating through resistance (i.e., as body-personality).

Esther Hicks talked of manifesting her 'Monster Bus', a giant RV, and that when she actually got it, it felt like no big deal. She'd increased her ability to allow so that when she received her desired bus, it felt natural to her.

This is the difference between easily and effortlessly having what you asked for. If you're not ready or even resisting your request, it can be shocking.  Do you want to have your monster bus, or feel like you've been hit by a bus?

Shifting perspective to Consciousness, you realize it's already there. Reality lines up to bring it to you. In a bigger and more perfect way than your thoughts can imagine. (Sometimes you find you already have exactly what you want already)!

You *are* the flow of life moving through you. You aren't the structure, although it's the denser aspect of your focus.

For the next week, take some time to stop trying, stop doing, stop the DIY remodel. Relax into your current circumstances, stop resisting what is, come into the present moment.

Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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