Friday, January 15, 2016

Portals into Parallel Universes

Portals into Parallel Universes ©2015 Joan M. Newcomb

No matter how entrenched in our current reality we may feel to be, at any moment we can change our experience. We created being where we are from our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, expectations and assumptions.

In the old paradigm, it would take years of therapy to make these changes. In the new, you can make real and lasting change easily and effortlessly.

As I wrote the sentence above, I flashed on ancient Egyptians building pyramids. They carved the stone blocks by hand. They used a massive amount of manpower (and ropes and logs) to haul them into place. It took twenty years to build one.

That same construction would happen in months using modern tools and techniques.

Old energy techniques are as antiquated as chisels and hammers.  You can still use them, but there are faster ways.

Now, most of us want to do things quickly because we are running from pain. We want to avoid discomfort. But trying to use Consciousness techniques in reaction to fear and other strong emotions, we actually stay in the same reality they occurred in.

Consciousness Techniques work when done with a playful attitude. You may have intentions, but be open minded and curious. The results will be unexpected and bigger than you imagine.

As Consciousness we exist not only within our current body/personality, but also outside it and concurrently in parallel universes.  Every time you made a decision in your past, a parallel self split off and went in another direction. You made no mistakes, a part of you did choose that other school, left (or got into) that other relationship, was hired for (or quit) that other job.

You can shift your present experience by stepping into a parallel universe. It doesn't mean that you're suddenly in Paris or can speak French. But you'll feel different, and walk into different results.

Parallel universes are like lanes on the freeway. You can stay on your present route, but there may be traffic, or a breakdown ahead. Stepping to one side or the other, you're moved into the fast lane, or chosen the scenic route.

You can do this literally by stepping to one side, or to another. You can also do this by stepping forward through portals. It may feel like you're imagining things, but you will feel a subtle change when you do this.

Say you're on the way to a job interview, you can step into the parallel universe where you're already getting the job. This works for dating, too.

Do this lightheartedly, with no preconceived expectations. You may not get the job you interview for, but an email comes in right afterwards offering something better!

Play with this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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