Friday, February 26, 2016

Changing the Climate as Consciousness

Changing the Climate as Consciousness ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb

Climate change is real. As real as anything on this planet. And our experience of it is determined by our point of view.

We can see the horrendous storms, we can read about wildlife being affected, we can watch stories about melting ice caps.  We can listen to scientists on one side say that it's manmade, and talk about greenhouse gasses and holes in the Ozone. We can listen to politicians say that it's natural, a return to the next ice age.
63 Years of Climate Change by NASA

A favorite astrologer of mine said that create the weather with our collective emotions, and when humankind has advanced enough, we'll be able to consciously change the weather.

How do you feel about all this?

Guilty? It's your fault that the planet is going to hell in a hand basket?  Angry? Those damn corporations polluting the earth, that damn government approving pipelines? Sad? Our great-grandkids aren't going to have as beautiful a world as we do now?

Responsible? I have to do something about this! I need to reduce my carbon emissions! I need to vote those a-holes out of office! No more beef for me - do you know how much methane cattle produce?

If you have any of those thoughts, you're definitely contributing to the collective emotions. And you're naturally feeling what most people on Earth are feeling.

How confusing this is! Are we powerless over something bigger happening to us, whether it's legislation or sea levels rising?  Or are we too powerful, and we have to do something about it (and make the powers that be do something about it as well)?

It wonderfully illustrates where we are in our evolution as Consciousness, straddling the old paradigm that we are tiny and helpless and the new paradigm about which we're just getting an inkling.

Consciousness is creating reality down to the smallest detail, including weather patterns and their causes.  Humanity constructs the stories about creation, and reacts to those stories.

You as Consciousness create being affected by weather. If you are actually in an event, you have created it as Consciousness. It's not your fault, you're not to blame for the disaster, that point of view is entirely from your body-personality perspective.  As Consciousness you have the choice how to *respond* to being in a snowstorm, flood, tornado, etc. That's your respond-ability.

When you start navigating your life as Consciousness, you can actually change your climate right now. Kids do this effortlessly - I cannot tell you how many snow days my kids created (sunny and warm on weekends when skiers would have liked it, just enough snow on weekdays to delay school).  Those kids in the Northeast are really capable ;)

I've done this only in small ways - playfully created blue skies over my neighborhood when the rest of Puget Sound was being deluged by rain (so I could walk my dog without being drenched).

Operating as Consciousness you have no need to change, fix, or manipulate the hologram - my blue skies wouldn't have happened if I had gone to a lot of effort to make them happen.

As Consciousness you know that the Universe is a benevolent place. You know that all is unfolding perfectly. You can watch those disasters on TV with an inner knowing that all is well.

As Consciousness I am curious about what we'll collectively create to avert climate change. We're already creating different power sources, alternative energy, different vehicle engines, etc.  Kids have come up with solutions to plastics in the ocean.

And what about Gaia? Here's the thing - everything is Consciousness, and Gaia is the living energy of the planet. I've created Gaia in my storyline. And Gaia isn't a victim of human beings. Gaia breathes in and breathes out, grows and changes on an evolutionary timeline.  If our body-personality viewpoint were true and we were killing Gaia, then it would just shrug us off, a few giant tsunamis and catastrophic earthquakes and we'd be gone.

Here's a fun exercise to play with:  making clouds dissipate.  Take some time this week to sit and look at clouds in the sky.  Pick one, and give it your focus as Consciousness. Intend it to break apart. It takes a few minutes but you can actually watch it separate into pieces!

Play with that this week and see what happens!

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