Friday, March 4, 2016

You're Not Crazy You're Evolving.

You're Not Crazy You're Evolving. ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb

When you are highly sensitive, it is like being an opera singer amongst deaf people. Or a master painter amongst the blind. You're the only one who hears the music or sees the colors.

And yet, everyone's sensitivity is increasing. They may not know how to interpret what they're experiencing.

If you don't acknowledge your sensitivity, you may feel like you're going crazy. You may feel tense all the time, because you're resisting the additional energy in your space.

When it's not your energy, it's not necessarily going to feel "good". If it's female energy, it can be like nails on a chalkboard, or unexplained guilt. It it's male energy it can feel heavy and griefy. If it's someone on medication, you can feel kinda glue-like. If it's an alcoholic, you can feel the dark side of their personality.

On the other hand, you could be feeling expansive and giddy. You could be opening up to increased Consciousness and feel enveloped in Love. Even if this seems wonderful, you could be walking around wondering what's wrong with you!

You're not crazy. You're evolving.

This increased sensitivity is overwhelming when you think it's all you. It can be frustrating trying to change it, because energy that's not yours can't be changed by self healing techniques. You can only release it by not resisting.

You can release other's energy a few ways. You can imagine you are so open that negative energy passes through you. I like to play with being enwrapped in an "invisibility cloak".  And another way is to bless them (if you know who it is) or bless everything outside of you (i.e. anyone or everything on this planet).

If you don't have your own way of blessing, you can quickly and effortlessly connect them to the planet, to the sun, and bathe them in gold energy - which is an 'old paradigm' technique but it works for most people.

You can release them to their next level of evolution. (I see them floating away in a house carried by balloons, like in the movie "Up").

Or you can wirelessly connect them to the to the parallel universe where they feel better or receive what they're seeking.

When you're highly sensitive you may be feeling collective transitions, which could be in your local area, or your entire country, or the entire planet! If you want to feel more stable, first focus within yourself (you can imagine a focal point in the lower part of your body, and wirelessly connect to the center of the earth).

You can imagine your room, building, neighborhood or city with it's own focus point wirelessly connected into the earth. You can bless your room, building, neighborhood or city with sunlight gold as well.

Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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