Friday, March 18, 2016

Green is the New Gold

Green Is The New Gold©Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

This video from the NY Post inspired today's article.

From my early metaphysical training, I learned that Green is the color of change. To me, bright, spring green is the color of new growth, medium green is growth that is maturing, maintaining the change that was initiated 3-5 years before. Dark green is stagnant, something that is about to breakdown and break through into new growth again (hence the cycle of growth and change).  Khaki green is past time energy (arises at family or school reunions).

About 15-20 years ago I started noticing a lot of spring green and it's variations (lime green, chartreuse, etc.).  It became a fashionable shade in clothing and started appearing in other ways in the world as well.

As the same time I was doing a lot of intuitive readings and saw it in people's auras, which is when I realized that this is actually the new level of evolutionary Consciousness.

The previous level was gold, it's the energy of Christ Consciousness and in Christian Mysticism is considered the energy that Christ brought to the planet. In actuality, it's a frequency that entered in over a 600 year period, beginning with the Buddha and culminating with Mohammed, so all of those avatars ushered in this new experience.  We as the greater energy of Spirit were able to come more into our bodies. Our bodies were able to handle more of our higher vibration.

Of course, it got interpreted in different ways. God shifted from the old testament, angry and vengeful force way up in the sky, to a closer, parental experience.  Our body-personalities sensed Consciousness being nearer.

Now, Consciousness is even more embodied. We can handle an even higher frequency.  Spring green, to me, was the color of birth and death and intense change of identity (getting fired or divorced, or starting a new career or getting married).  Now I see it as Consciousness birthing itself into form.  We as Consciousness are coming more into our bodies.

We are shifting from God being outside of ourselves to connecting to God within.  God is too limiting a concept for what I am experiencing. Consciousness describes it better.

Spring green used to be (and still somewhat is) the main Essence color for people who are catalysts for change. Richard Feynman must have had a spring green aura.

Artists are tuned into this energy as they are attuned to what needs to be created, to be expressed into the world through their art. The Green Lady in the video started wearing green 16 years ago - right when it started emerging on the planet (as we birthed into this new evolution).  She is a true Lightbringer, she brings light into her neighborhood, into her neighbor's lives. She is happy, because Consciousness *is* Happiness. It is Joy.

If you're drawn to this color, it is your Inner Being calling to you. If you're feeling in a funk (or caught up in the drama and chaos of outside events) go outside to a park, in nature, where you can immerse yourself in this energy.

Relax and breathe, you are birthing yourself into a new level of awareness.

Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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