Friday, May 27, 2016

Mood Shifts (how to do 'em as Consciousness)

Mood Shifts (how to do 'em as Consciousness) ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

The other day I woke up at 1:30am and couldn't get back to sleep. It wasn't one of those super-energized, spiritual experiences where you have transcended time and effortlessly flow from one moment to the next.

This was tracking multiple people's experiences across several time zones, and also processing "stuff" on multiple levels of reality.

I was pretty grouchy when I had to start my work day.
Mood Shifts

I felt like I had jet lag. And I had a bunch of stuff to do, and a group of people to meet with in the afternoon.

Caffeine didn't improve things. It wasn't a body-level experience of being tired.

Meditation techniques wouldn't work - at least with my experience of others' realities.

It shifted after I met with my business partner about our radio show. Talking about Consciousness with someone who works in the same realms as I do, with similar sensitivities, always lifts the energy.

And, I needed to shift mySelf into a space where things felt better.

Not shifting by body through caffeine, sugar, etc. (a nap wasn't an option but I hate naps so it would have made me grouchier).

Not shifting my personality focus. More than an emotional level things were going on .

I shifted my state of Being into a space where things felt better.

It shifted my experience of where I was in that time and place.

Reality is changing so rapidly, we need to be on our toes.

The old way of doing it would have been either mentally changing your mindset, or physically addressing your issue. Your body could be reacting to all the changes, like a little kid responds to the atmosphere in places or to doing more that a little kid can handle.

Shifting your state of Being takes your body with you into a new experience. Like lifting your little kid up and putting it down somewhere that feels better. It doesn't have to process from one place to the next. It just needs to be in the new place!

The way I do this is by stepping through a series of doors, each one shifts you to a new state of Being. It's similar to stepping into parallel Universes (but with that technique you often only need to step through *one* door). The series of doors lifts you incrementally to the new state.

The outer world may not change but your inner world does. And it changes your experience of the outer world. You're able to see and appreciate the beauty around you. You're able to notice what's different.

People may change because your perspective has changed. Your circumstances may change because you're open to more possibilities.

As with all the techniques I talk about, they work when you have a playful attitude about them. (You can be playful even when grouchy, since Conscousness is always playful, and is your non-grouchy self that is doing the shifting)!

Try this for the next week and see what happens!


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