Friday, May 6, 2016

Test For Consciousness vs. Unconsciousness.

Test for Consciousness vs. Unconsciousness ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

You would think this would be a no-brainer, whether we're operating consciously or unconsciously but with such a surge of insanity in the world today, it seems time for a helpful reminder.

Here's a test for Consciousness vs. Unconsciousness:

The qualities of Consciousness are - lightness, clarity, amusement, open-heartedness, non-judgement or neutrality, honesty, non-resistance, no effort, acceptance, compassion and loving.  There's more, but you get the drift. Consciousness feels expansive and filled with possibility.
Ripple Effect on Water - by Avenue X at Cicero

The qualities of un-consciousness are - heaviness, negativity, resentful, judgmental, fearful, dishonest, avoidant, hateful, reactive. Unconsciousness feels restrictive and limited.

The thing is, it's not just extremists and fundamentalists that are behaving unconsciously. If you're judging them, reacting to them, and fearful they'll take over the country, then you've gone unconscious as well.

Unconsciousness is a weakened and powerless position. It just seems threatening and powerful because it's so loud. It's chaotic, but chaos has no structure or foundation. It collapses easily.

The irony is, we're powerless over unconsciousness. Powerless in that we'll lose our own power if we try to control it or stop it in others. Rather than obsessing about their unconsciousness, we can notice our own.

We're powerless when we're acting unconsciously, but we regain our power by choosing to operating *as* Consciousness. By shifting our thoughts, returning our focus to our own thoughts and actions.

Each of us is immensely powerful. Not in a dominating way, but internally, in an empowered way - vastly more powerful than bullying and controlling. When we reclaim our power from the outside, when we choose to come from a centered and higher Conscious position, we and infinitely powerful.

When we each do this, it creates a ripple effect into the world. We give permission to others to do the same, we strengthen the collective by contributing our own inner strength.

The Unconscious ones are not the majority. They just seem like it because media loves to cover drama. Humankind is becoming more mature. Just as it's useless to argue with a toddler in the midst of a temper tantrum (and useless to argue with them at a two-year-old's level), it's useless to fight with the unconscious.

Even though you can't give them a time out, you can give your own. Turn off Faux Noise. Take a break from Twitter. Start your day with quiet time or daily pages. Test yourself for Consciousness vs. Unconsciousness. Notice your own thinking throughout the day and redirect it whenever unconscious thoughts bubble up. Laugh at them but don't engage with them. Don't wrestle with your thoughts, dispatch them.

Doing this on a regular basis can shift you out of depression and give you a newfound hope for your own life (and humanity).
Try this for the next 7 days and see what happens!

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