Friday, July 15, 2016

Shame, Sin and Suffering

Shame, Sin and Suffering ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

In the version of Christianity grew up in, I believed that there was no forgiveness. Jesus died because of me, and it was on my record for life. Oh, and to love others instead of myself.

Now, isn't that special?

The whole idea of sin is such an incredible distortion of the truth. It creates a veil of shame over everyone, blocking your spiritual awareness and ability to connect to Source.

Saying that anyone is unworthy or undeserving is a complete misinterpretation of the original message. It implies that God is judgmental and unloving.

It doesn't inspire one to do better, is disables one from even trying. It disconnects us from our inner divinity. It dignifies suffering when suffering is an indicator that you're off kilter.

The mistranslation of sin is the real sin.

The word sin was an archery term, meaning 'missing the mark'. What do you do when you miss the mark? You try again, you practice until you get better. The world doesn't end if you miss the mark. Your soul is not eternally damned if you miss the mark.

Your soul can't be eternally damned anyway. There isn't that kind of energy on the other side. Damnation only exists in this realm. Suffering only exists here.
NZ Glowworm caves, Mark Rosenrosen contrib.

I've been excavating the energy of shame recently. Spelunking, really. Shame feels alternately slimy and mildewy. It's paralyzing. It wants to stay in the dark. It keeps you from boldly going where you are called to go.

It's kind of the smeared sunglasses blocking the sun - and your clear vision of reality.

This morning I pondered whether to write about shame, and heard from deep within, ' only if you bring it back to Consciousness'.

I explored where that was coming from, and I tuned into this immense depth. It felt like diving into a dark ocean. I can understand why it would feel frightening to people to go here. They might die, they might drown.

The first time, I got distracted on the way down, by some old pain, old commentary. I returned and kept diving and at some point the darkness gave way to light. I became light. It was familiar, bright, and clear.

To me, Consciousness is the Sky. It is expansive, light, weightless. I've lived in this reality for so long, it feels like home to me.

I have come to realize that there is no direction to Consciousness. If anything, going out to the sky to find it disconnects you from your body which is your anchor in physical reality. Diving deep within is a powerful way to stay in your body and discover the vast expanse within you.

To get here, you may need to dive past the surface pollution, it is both sludge and noise. As you go deeper within, the agitation dissipates, the muck washes away.

There's a fear of becoming untethered here which is why your mind calls you back. Yet if you let yourself go fully into it, you don't get lost. In actuality, you get found. You become more yourself.

This is where your Inner Wisdom is. This is You as Essence. It is tremendously potent. And it is *you*.

This is why shame, sin, and suffering are such distortions. In Truth, you are infinitely powerful. Everyone is infinitely powerful - no one is more powerful than another; it's not an external dominating force.

This is what we're all seeking. Not a winning lottery ticket, not our soul mate. We are seeking ourSelves.  Within us is an ocean of abundance, an ocean of Love.

You've had it all within you all along.

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