Friday, August 26, 2016

How To Expand Your Universe

How To Expand Your Universe ©2016 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

I have relatives on the East Coast that have been having a rough time. Their conservative party is disintegrating and it feels, to them, that their essential values are being threatened.

They're really upset that their way of life may be affected by people coming from other countries and forcing those cultures on them.

As I write this, it sounds ironic to me. It's what our white immigrant ancestors did to the Natives.  It's also what our Christian missionary ancestors did around the world.

One side of my family came over on the Mayflower, in 1640, escaping religious persecution and seeking the freedom offered by the New World. Another side came from Ireland at a time when the U.S. hated the tide of Irish immigrants. The Irish were considered lowlife.

So my progenitor told everyone they were Scottish, including their offspring. We were so proud of being Scottish, and didn't discover we actually came from Sligo until the 1970s.

Hubble 3D - NASA

Now, I was a conservative myself until my mid 30's. On election day, I was stuck home as two kids had chicken pox, and the conservative president that was up for reelection had just vetoed the Family Leave Bill. And it occurred to me that maybe politics did affect me.

So I shifted my perspective.

Spiritually, I went through years of metaphysical training that was a marvelous discipline.  I came out an energetic athlete (but only in one form of practice). I taught that training for several decades. A fundamental focus was awareness of space. A distortion of the teachings was that merging energetic space was bad.

Then I took a course with David Spangler, visionary, author and spiritual teacher, and Lorian priest.  He mentioned that each person you come into contact with expands your Universe.

'Expands your Universe'? I thought they 'invaded your space'.

Then I started to realize that, you can't truly fall in love if you cannot merge energy.

You can be aware of energy, and have your own field be clear, when you don't resist and you don't judge. When you deem something as 'bad' or 'invasive' you actually shut yourself down and lock 'negativity' into your own space.

When you are neutral, non-resistant, compassionate *and* detached, stuff you don't like passes through, doesn't stick or doesn't get attracted.

'Invading your space' creates barriers and resistance. The idea that immigrants are 'forcing' their cultures on you is a distortion.

Other cultures enrich our own. The English language is made up of many different languages. Our way of life is influenced by many different cultures. New people in our world expands our experience.

However you can't put new wine into old wineskins.

New energy, new experiences, new people to know and love, can't come into your awareness if you are closed down or defensive. If you are holding on to old thinking and perceptions.

The solution you've been looking for? The relationship you've been longing for? The dream job you've been wishing for? Could be right in front of you if your eyes are open. Could be right across the street if you broadened your horizons. Could be in your Universe if you expanded it by welcoming in change.

This week, I invite you to drop your shields, relax your boundaries, and become energetically open. Let energies pass through you like wind through a screen door.

Imagine your atoms separating and releasing whatever you've resisted. You might have been closed down and creating what you don't want, and keeping out what you truly desire.

Try this for the next seven days, and see how your reality transforms!

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