Friday, June 15, 2018

Reality, Insanity, and Truth

Reality, Insanity and Truth ©2018 Joan M. Newcomb, CPC

Maybe this blog post should be entitled arguing with reality. The news this week was insane. Stories of breastfeeding babies being torn away from their immigrant mothers, thousands of children being held in dog pens in warehouses; I hit bottom.

I’ve struggled to observe it all from neutral. From the perspective of greater Consciousness, what is really going on? Everyone at their essence is infinite and immensely powerful. There is greater Light coming into the world, it is illuminating the darkness, but it also means the darkness is going away.

Yeah, fuck that shit. It was already pretty bad but now toddlers and infants, that’s over the line.

What’s in the process of disintegrating is all the old power structures, and all the old attitudes that limit or define anyone as more than or less than. We’re all Consciousness, we’re all omnipotent.

And those who cling to those old ways of being are experiencing the most discomfort, because their reality is dissipating. They’re the ones freaking out and going insane.

Where’s the last bastion of this paradigm? Washington, DC, my home town. So what we’re seeing are extreme behaviors, extreme actions, being taken to maintain the illusion of power. And it seems so destructive, because it is. It’s reflecting the distruction they’re feeling within.

You know, I don’t really care what the higher reasons are. I just want it to stop NOW.

This world is a marvelously complex creation of Consciousness, with an endless supply of storylines. We are all Consciousness, we are all God Within. Other people are other aspects of Consciousness. People aren’t our reflections, they're real people not just mirrors or Westworld characters. But what we see or feel is usually in ourselves. If there wasn't a matching resonance, we wouldn't notice it or they wouldn't be there.

So even uncomfortable situations we've attracted, or we observe, are an indicator of what is shifting or changing within us.

SO WHAT’S GOING ON INSIDE? Everything within me that reacts to things that are unjust, that wants to fight against white male dominance, has also been disempowering myself. Where I have been restricting my own freedom?

The old paradigm was that dominance was power, and yet it's energetically weak. Power outside is the least powerful. Trying to control or change other people, whether it's trying to keep them out of the country or economically or educationally challenged, is the actions of those who don't feel strong themselves. And yet, trying to fight them, to control or change them, puts us into a weak position, it's using the same energy to create a different outcome.

Operating at a higher level of Consciousness, the rules are different. You can’t manifest by manipulating the hologram. You can only change by shifting from within, shifting yourself.

So how do we stop this insanity? Because if I withdraw (ever fiber of my being wants to go back to being a mystic in the woods), if I turn of Twitter (my source of on-the-ground news, and hence my window into the madness in the world), am I not being in denial? Am I turning a blind eye to people who need help?

I CAN’T DRIVE TO TEXAS AND THROW THEM IN A MINI VAN. And I don't speak Spanish, so I can't go up to SeaTac and help the parents (that have been brought to Washington State for some bizarre reason).

I can participate in a General Strike, as an introvert I don't go on marches and gave up on phone calls but I can protest with my wallet.

But really, as a Mystic, I can shift the energy within, I can collapse the internal power structures, I can step into a parallel universe where this is unfolding differently. I can two-point to where the outcome is already different.

When I relax, step back from the story, I can see and feel the Truth. I'm in agreement with what is (okay, I'm getting there). 

I invite everyone to do this for themselves. Because if we collectively reclaim our power, this can instantly change.

I'm excited to see what happens!

(If you're new to my work and want to know how to do these things, read more of my blog and go to my website for coaching on Consciousness Techniques).

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