Monday, February 18, 2008

Cosmic Internet

Cosmic Internet ©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

I personally believe that what we're trying to do with technological advancements in this world is mimic our experience on the Spiritual plane. We've invented machines to fly us about or transport us at high speeds, so we are not tied down by the normal physical rules of gravity, density and effort. I think why we're so excited about email is that it mimics telepathy - being able to instantaneously communicate with anyone on the planet (as the phone has done as well). And the World Wide Web is imitating the Akashic records, where all the information in the Universe is kept.

Each of us has the ability to connect within to Spirit/Higher Power/the Universe/God and therefore access all the infinite wisdom he/she/it contains. The more aware of oneself as spirit, the easier it is to connect to Spirit. Religion is kind of like the ISP that one chooses to use to connect to the Cosmic Internet.

Churches, temples, mosques, et al, are like public phone booths to God/Spirit/Universe. However we each have an internal cellular modem, and can each access everything that God/Spirit/Universe knows (only we may need to upgrade our hard drive or add new software in order to receive and use the information!)

Some people like 'AOL' because they like being part of a big group and it seems to make the connection easier. I personally don't like the restrictions nor having my incoming messages (and attachments) filtered. I've gotten a lot from the home pages of 'MSN' and 'AOL' but I prefer surfing the Cosmic 'net independently, and having many different belief systems to choose from.

Something to consider now you know that you can receive *any* information in the Universe -

How do you (or what are some ways you can) access the Cosmic Internet? Is your 'ISP' working for you?

What information would you like to download? What questions would you like answered?
What changes need to be made in your hard drive in order for you to accept the new information?

Just considering these questions will begin to attract the answers from the Universe, so now spend the next day or so and see what intuitively comes to you!

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