Monday, February 25, 2008

Matching Energy

Matching Energy©2008 by Joan M. Newcomb

What is energy? Everything is energy - physical energy in dense, can be touched and seen, emotional energy is a higher vibration and can be felt, and spiritual energy is the lightest, most diffuse energy that can be intuitively experienced. Energy is an inner vibration and an outer atmosphere that colors our perceptions and contributes to our choices and actions.

I've noticed that people have a tendency to experience similar realities when they're together. There's a group energy. People experience it within families, when they're out with friends, at work, in school, in community gatherings, etc. It can go beyond just our immediate contacts when we expose ourselves to the news. This is called "matching energy" - matching the prevalent vibratory level emitted by the group.

The advantage of 'matching energy' with a group is that you can experience accelerated growth. When you're in a class, you experience accelerated education. When you're with a Church or other similarly focused community you can experience rapid spiritual evolvement. People who've been married for many years start to look alike, because they've 'matched energy' for so long. When you're in love, your heart opens as you and your beloved 'match energy'. Families matching energy can provide security and a safe place to grow.

The disadvantage of 'matching energy' is that the group can hold you back, to keep you at their level. I call it 'crabs in a bucket' syndrome. When you catch one crab and put it in a bucket, it will crawl out. But if you catch two crabs, they'll keep themselves in the bucket by pulling each other down as they try to climb out. When you listen to the news, you expose yourself only to the version of events the newscaster is putting out, which limits your ability to create a different reality. If you're an unemployed tech worker listening to the news you're going to feel that your only option is to work for McDonald's because the country is experience such a severe shortage of jobs! Matching energy this way depresses you, and drains your energy.

How do you *not* match energy? The first thing to do is not resist the prevalent reality. Let others be who they are, experiencing life the way they choose. You can detach from dysfunctional group situations - you may love the individuals but you do not have to be affected by the energy they project. The next thing to do is choose a different focus - turn off the news, or just read select parts of the newspaper. Choose comedies instead of disaster movies. Give less time and attention to those groups that hold you back. Give yourself permission to create differently than your associates.

The world is full of possibilities. Change can come in the blink of an eye. I believe we are all here to learn about creating and that we have the Free Will to manifest whatever we desire. We begin by manifesting thoughts, which go out into the Universe and begin to become physical form. The more we consistently think specific thoughts (whether consciously or unconsciously) the more energy we generate to come back to us on a physical level. Give yourself permission to 'think big', think outside whatever group you're in, and see what exciting things begin to happen!

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