Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playing In Density without Effort

(c) copyright 2008 Joan M. Newcomb
Everyone seeks a magic technique to manifest in this reality. People swarm to seminars about Prosperity, make instant gurus out of people who've created a formula for instant wealth, and gobble up books on ancient techniques on attracting Abundance. And some actually do increase their net worth, and some actually do become happier, but many people either continue with their compulsive seeking, or sink back to their ordinary lives in resignation and defeat.

It's not that manifestation techniques don't work, it's the attitude and mindset around manifesting that's self-defeating. If you believe there's power outside of you to give you what you want, if you believe you have to try hard to get it, if you believe that your manifestations will give you value, then you're kinda missing the point of being here.

Don't get me wrong, this world *is* about manifestation. I believe our whole purpose here is to create in this physical reality, whether it's creating experiences or material things. However there's a difference in awareness of Who is doing the creating.

We are Spirit/Source/Consciousness - whatever you want to title it - who has created this total immersion playground to experience being the opposite who who we are. We are total joy, total light, total energy, total oneness, total neutrality, total creativity, total expansiveness. And, for fun, we created this world of duality that is the complete opposite of all of that.

From that perspective, *anything* we create, be it uncomfortable or wonderful, is great. Our expanded self is totally enjoying it, no matter how disastrous it may seem from our body's point of view.

However, when we try to manifest our reality from a place of lack or need, it's not going to work. It's like being on a ride at Disneyland and the container you're riding in trying to deviate from the track. You're not the part of you that believes it needs something or is without something. You're the designer and the builder. You are infinitely powerful and limitless. You don't "need" anything. You desire new experiences, you desire to create and to express your creativity, but from your inner Source.

Effort is a physical energy which helps bodies move but blocks the flow of Source. That is why we often get what we want at the moment of not wanting it any more, or the thing we seek when we stop trying to seek it. It's the secret within the Secret of the Law of Attraction. It's what Abraham Hicks is saying at every seminar. It's Yoda is talking about when he says 'Do not try, *do*'. Except, more accurately expressed, it's 'Do not try, *be*'.

There's an essence of Truth in all spiritual teachings, and what makes them all work is when You stop trying as a physical body and start Being.

Suddenly it's not about money any more, it's not about accumulation, it's not even about seeking happiness, because you *are* Happiness. The Truth about the first step "Admitted we are Powerless Over..." is that it has you stop trying, has you letting go of the physical chase, of the body level control game. When you do, then miracles happen. When you stop identifying with that level of things and start identifying with your Essence, then *everything* is a miracle.

Sit back and watch what happens when you try (um, not-try) this. Your whole reality shifts, and outer circumstances start falling into place in ways more perfect than if you'd go out there and tried to manipulate them into shape. Don't try anything, and see what comes to you!

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