Monday, March 3, 2008

Advanced Navigational Suggestions

(c) copyright 2008 Joan M. Newcomb

A lot of people are saying the same thing using different words. That's helpful, because some people will resonate with one way of languaging things, others will prefer a different lingo.

There's Truth in what everyone's saying - there's Truth in every personal development system or spiritual growth technique. Just as in every religion there's Truth - and you'll find that many religions are saying the same thing, just using a different way of saying it.

It's because ultimately the ideas and impulses are coming from Source,The Universe,God,Cosmic Consciousness, All That Is. And, because it's all coming through human form, the Truth is coming through that individual or individuals perceptions so it will always have a bit of limitation attached to it.

As you navigate your own path, you'll find 'stepping stones' along the way - bits of Truth that resonate with you in each experience you encounter. You'll also encounter limitations or distortions. Techniques or systems will work some of the time but not all of the time, or will seem to work in one way but won't really make you happy. If you do it exactly as your teacher or leader tells you to do it, you'll no doubt take on their energy, which will be a limitation for you.

Ultimately you have to find your own Truth, and your own connection to Source,The Universe,Cosmic Consciousness, All That Is, your Higher Self, your Expanded Self, your God Within - whatever you choose to call it. And when you do, you feel joyous, even if still have all the same problems!

Some advanced navigational suggestions for how to do this - be in total acceptance with what is, no matter how frustrating or seemingly unlike your ideal scenario your life may seem to be at this time. The Truth is, that you *are* Source -- you *are* your Expanded Self, and you're choosing to be here for the fun of experiencing the opposite of who You are. You *are* immortal, joyous, unlimited, and you created this Game of Life (this Adventure in Density and Effort) to see what it's like to be limited, feel an array of feelings, and play with a variety of individual personalities (when it's all just You). So even if you really dislike what's going on in your life, You are really enjoying it, the way one would enjoy a dramatic movie or a heart wrenching soap opera.

When you relax into acceptance with What Is, you align with You and your perspective expands. Everything is inexplicably okay, even if you're in the midst of bankruptcy, your spouse is philandering, your child's a delinquent, and your mother is saying 'I told you so' (like her life is so perfect). When your in acceptance, you're in alignment with You that is the Cosmic Internet, The Askahic Records, that is Infinite Intelligence, so obvious solutions suddenly appear in situations that previously seemed insurmountable.

One way of getting to that acceptance and that alignment is to choose to be in agreement with Source, your Higher Self, whatever you want to call You. In doing so, you line up your ego will with the Higher Will, you align yourself with your God-Self. It's not an intellectual choice, however. It's a gut decision. And it becomes a feeling that only you/You can put into words. For me it's an energetic leaning back into unseen Support, for other's it's a turning over the steering wheel. The problem with the image of turning it over or letting go and letting God is that it implies that God's outside of you, when it's really your inner You. So really, it's like letting go of the effort you've been using that's keeping the steering wheel locked (and you driving in circles)! It's your gremlins and ego that are turning over running the show to You, who you *really* are. Once you've done that you haven't lost anything (but frustration and pain) - instead you gain *everything*.

Keep your eyes open now you've read this article. Ignore the Automatic Negative Thoughts or judgments that might have arisen while you've been readings this. Set aside the voice that says 'yeah, I already know this stuff' (and your life is still not working perfectly). Keep your eyes open because You brought yourself here to read this, it's a stepping stone for you. Things are happening or will start happening to reveal more Truth for you, give you more steps on your path. If you read through other articles of mine, I'll mention links and books and people who were my stepping stone to all of this (and there may be an Amazon ad with several of my current favorite books mentioned). Go with what resonates with you!

And remember - have fun!

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