Friday, March 28, 2008


©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

Being in alignment, or being in agreement, means when you are ‘lined up’ with your highest intent, or when your ‘little will’ and the ‘Higher Will’ are in agreement. This can happen in a small way on a daily basis by making choices that honor your values, that are in your own best interest in a way that is in harmony with the whole. This can happen in a major way when you’ve been ‘out of alignment’ for some time, perhaps working in a job that wasn’t your passion or in a relationship that wasn’t a good ‘fit’. You make a decision that’s been weighing within you for some time and suddenly everything becomes crystal clear, the action feels ‘right’ to take, you have a sense of inner peace.

I’ve had a couple of experiences where I’d been contracted for some time, and coming out of them was exhilarating. The first was in a relationship that typified every negative and dysfunctional involvement I’d ever had, and when I was finally able to extract myself, I felt enveloped with this tremendous feeling of Love – of God, of my life, of myself – that went on for a good nine months. I felt tremendous self-esteem, and a feeling that all was very, very well, even though I had the same dilemmas with work and other areas as before. I had made a decision that was in my own best interest, that honored my values of honest and integrity, and Spirit validated me for it.

The second was working in an environment that did not honor my values of consistency, reliability, communication, and commitment. I suddenly got very clear that this wasn’t what I wanted to be doing, and on my return home from my last day there, this tremendous feeling of Well Being came over me – the same feeling that I’d felt years before ending the dysfunctional relationship. If you can imagine holding yourself in an uncomfortable position for a long time and the relief that floods you when you suddenly stand up straight… it’s a little like that but much, much bigger.

Being in alignment in relationships or work situations happen when there are clear agreements that everyone adheres to. In an intimate relationship it would be such things as honesty and fidelity, in a work situation it could be consistency and reliability. Being conscious of what the agreements are and communicating clearly about them helps each person be in alignment, and fosters healthy growth and change. The adage ‘where two or more are gathered’ comes to mind (…there am I in the midst of them) – I take that to mean when two or more are in alignment, then whatever they agree upon manifests!

You can tell you’re out of alignment by how you feel, emotionally and physically, and also your thoughts. Thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations are the way we navigate through the world. If we are tuned to these on a regular basis, then experiencing discomfort is like driving over those bumps they put on the road to mark the different lanes – we know we can quickly course correct. If we ignore our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we veer off the road and into the bushes!

So, how can you come into alignment on a daily basis, so you don’t have to have it only when you make a major change? Each person will have a different answer, for there are different things that help one ‘come into alignment’. For some people it’s regular exercise, and for some it’s a regular spiritual practice. Some people journal and some people talk – to a coach, a therapist, a sponsor, or even friends or family.

Notice if there’s any part of your life where you’ve been ‘spinning your wheels’ or where you may be feeling contracted or stuck. It’s an area where you are out of alignment. I invite you to make choices to bring that part of your life back on track – it may not need a dramatic adjustment, it may just need a series of simple steps. If you’re not clear on what those steps are – you can ask the Universe to reveal them to you! You may find yourself having a sudden inspiration on what action to take, or you may start having people come into your life who can support you in this area, or you may hear what to do through a conversation with someone or something you come across on the internet, radio or TV. This is the time of year for miracles and manifestation – take advantage of the season’s energy and go for it!!

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