Monday, March 31, 2008


Non-Resistance© 2008 Joan M. Newcomb

Abraham-Hicks says that there is only Source Energy and resistance to Source; that there is no darkness, no evil, only resistance. Long ago I realized that evil was just our Collective Consciousness of negative emotions and thoughts, and that if we’re engaged in an addiction or compulsively dwelling on negative topics, we’re contributing to this ‘pool’ of black energy.

So there is only Source Energy, which is both the Creative Source in this Universe and also our Essence, and there is resistance to source. Every thought we think goes out like a request to Source. So if we think, ‘I’d so like to have a new hybrid car’ – Source immediately receives the request and goes about manifesting it for us. However if our next thought is ‘but I can’t afford it’ then we’ve immediately negated the request. We’ve put out our own resistance to Source. Every time we see someone drive by in a new hybrid car and resentfully think, ‘yeah, well, they’re rich enough to afford it’ – then we’ve put out resistance to Source.

We’ve learned patterns of resistance from our childhood, inherited from previous generations, adopted from various peer groups and cultural influences, so that now life is like playing ‘bumpo-cars’ (like at the seaside or amusement parks where you drive little electric cars with huge rubber bumpers in this arena where the point is to bump into everyone else; a major whiplash opportunity and undoubtedly a chiropractor’s nightmare) rather than an enjoyable Disneyland where dreams really do come true.

In previous issues I’ve talked about techniques to release energy from within one’s space, ways to let go of one’s inner resistance to Source. Non-Resistance is a concept and a technique to not absorb resistance from outside oneself – how to avoid the other bumpo-cars on the road, so to speak. Imagine yourself to be transparent, your molecules loose and relaxed so that negative energy passes right through them. Originally this technique was called Body of Glass, and if that works for you, then it’s a great visual image for you to use. I have two rambunctious sons who’ve managed to break windows or mirrors in several houses that we’ve lived in, so that image no longer works for me! The idea of being transparent, the sensation of my molecules having space between them, so that negative energy passes through me like a summer breeze through a screen door, works well for me.

Consider what driving through rush hour traffic could be like, if you were Non-Resistant! Consider what telling your teenager to clean their room could be like from Non-Resistance! You could maintain your own inner serenity, life could be pleasant, others could be free to experience their own reality and you needn’t contribute to their resistance nor the resistance of the Collective Consciousness!

Last week I had a non-resistant experience based on my own choices. I had to go into Seattle (note the word ‘had’- I was primed for resistance!) for a meeting, and chose to make the best use of my time by visiting all the PCC Natural Markets and putting up business cards on their bulletin boards. Because my meeting took twice as long as anticipated, it was now rush hour when I started on my drive through the city. I caught my ‘I hate rush hour traffic’ thought and decided that I would take the scenic route to all my destinations. This meant that I drove through areas with parks, I enjoyed the sunset reflecting off the clouds, I noticed all the Christmas lights that were still up on people’s houses, the beautiful different kinds of buildings there are in the city, and even on ‘ugly’ apartment buildings, some residents had their balconies filled with plants and wind chimes! I ended up spending nearly five hours winding my way from North Seattle down to the south end and to the West Seattle ferry dock, feeling relaxed and even joyous about my journey. I appreciated all the unique and wonderful people in the world and the creative ways they decorated their homes, no matter how humble their abodes may be. I realized how much I love Seattle, and how fun it is to know all the little ins and outs of a city so that I could go the ‘scenic route’. And then I got to ride the ferry back to my island feeling very content and happy indeed.

So, notice whether your life is more like ‘bumpo cars’ or are you taking the scenic route on your path? Non-resistance is a series of moment-to-moment choices on how to respond or react to life’s circumstances. How do you choose to experience life, from this moment forward?

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