Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Manifestation Primer Or How One Creates One’s Reality 101

A Manifestation Primer Or How One Creates One’s Reality 101©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

I was going to do this issue’s article on Competition, but someone suggested Manifestation and that topic is so much more fun, I’m going with it instead. Manifestation is about creating our reality, bringing our dreams from thought into form. It’s what this world is about. One way of viewing the world is as a school where lessons are learned, but actually it’s a playground (and lessons are learned on the playground as well, remember).

Our present reality is a reflection on our ability to create, and we create through our thoughts or mental image pictures. Our present reality shows the world how spiritually creative we are. As spirit, everything is neutral, there is no good or bad, so someone with extreme challenges is as capable as someone with extreme blessings!

All of our thoughts, conscious and unconscious, radiate outwards affecting how we perceive the world, as well as what we attract into our world. If there are aspects of your life that you aren’t happy with, look within to see if you are holding a concept that had literally manifested before your eyes.

On one level, we are entirely responsible for creating our reality; however there is a co-creative aspect to it. For example, let’s say my intention is to go to a movie at 7pm. I leave the house with plenty of time to make the show. However there’s an entire city of people leaving their houses with intentions to go places, and we all get on the freeway at the same time. My intention can be effected by someone else having an accident or choosing to drive more slowly, or many other factors. I can still manifest my intention, by keeping my focus on my goal of a 7pm movie instead of all the slow drivers in the world. If I’m focusing on the slowpokes, then I’m creating through resisting, which means I’ll attracted every turtle behind the wheel into the lane ahead of me! If I focus solely on the 7pm show, then cars melt out of my way.

Co-creativity is more fun when two people come together with an agreed upon a desire. “When two or more are gathered…” comes into play, and miracles can occur. Such is the power of partnership. Co-creativity doesn’t only have to happen with another person, one can co-create with Nature, Angels and/or God.

Recently I got this very clear awareness that our present reality is like the holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation, only we’ve forgotten that *we* were the people that originally stood outside the door and programmed the computer. And we still *are* the people programming the computer, only from within the holodeck. This idea gave me a clear understanding of co-creating as well, because there are others on this holodeck, all with their own programmed reality. Rather like a scene from an Improv group (like “Whose Line Is It Anyway”) where each person is operating from a different reality yet bumping into each other’s reality as well.

Sometimes our ability to manifest is limited because of our unconscious mental image pictures, or programming from our past. I recently read a Vietnam Vet, who had been so affected by his war experience that his continued to create conflict in all his present relationships. The unconscious programming from his time in the Marines hung about him like an invisible picture gallery and he not only perceived the world through these slides of conflict, but people around him felt the energy of combat when they interacted with him.

When such limiting beliefs are deeply ingrained in our unconscious it may take more than just positive thinking to change them. Therapy is the traditional way to deal with the unconscious but others have been helped by hypnotherapy, and other alternative treatments such as the Emotional Freedom Technique, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), and even acupuncture.

We have been transitioning from an old way of manifesting on this planet to a new way. The old way has been through physical effort – typified by the way we have created income: through working excess hours at a job we don’t really like for very little pay. The new way is more spiritually aligned: working at something we love, manifesting abundance with little or on no effort. Often people discover that when they put their focus on what they love to do, they suddenly find themselves being paid large sums to do it!

There are a variety of ways to manifest your desires. The simplest one is putting a request out to the Universe. This can be done by imagining a pink helium balloon with what you’d like to have inside it, and watching it float up into the clouds, disappearing so that God/the Universe/Cosmic Consciousness can send it back to you in physical form. When consciously manifesting, it’s helpful to be specific and also to put a time limit on it, so that it comes to you in a timely fashion -- what good is having the perfect house go on the market *after* you’ve already signed off on one that was available when you needed it? Another variation to the pink balloon technique is to write it in an e-card to yourself, and have it come back to you on the date you’ve set for it to come into form.

Another powerful way of creating your reality is to take time daily to focus on what you want. In keeping with the ‘holodeck’ idea – you can create an imaginary ‘workshop’ or ‘lab’ that to go to for a quiet period each day and set your intended reality from this place.

It helps to do this from a playful mindset. So I invite you to try a ‘Manifestation Game’. For next thirty days, decide on something you would like to have in your life and use one of the suggested techniques. See what happens, and write me about it!

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