Saturday, July 26, 2008

Perfect Support

©2008 Joan M Newcomb

This is a world of dichotomy, a world of opposites. It is created by an Omnipotent Being (and even those words are too limiting) so It can experience the opposite of what It is. Everything that happens here is perfectly supportive of It playing the Human Game.

If you stop and notice, wherever you are in a given moment you are perfectly supported. There's enough oxygen, you're wearing clothes, the basics are taken care of. Byron Katie noted, in response to someone saying they needed more money, that no one has more money than they have, so needing more money -- it that true?

I remember when I left my first marriage, how painful and wrenching it was to leave the house and five acres. I had felt a steward of the land, I had both my children in the house; their afterbirth was buried out front, and ten years of pets were interred behind. I could not believe I was losing it.

And then I heard that the whole earth was mine to steward. Look around you, it is all there. The house and land had memories and feelings attached to it, but in this present moment of reality, everything in my personal hologram is provided to me. It is all perfectly supportive.

There was another time, after my divorce, when I was struggling to provide for my two kids. I managed to earn enough to pay the rent and the utilities, and food stamps covered food, but nothing else. I could buy them junk food but not clothes. I couldn't afford toilet paper -- the food back gave out one roll per week and I needed two! I remember during that period sitting in meditation and feeling utter fear and survival, and going deep within. I suddenly realized that I had a womb that could create life. I had a first chakra that provides all the information I needed about having a body on this planet. My energy shifted and I felt that everything was going to be all right. (A man or anyone could reframe this now that they have within them the cells that could clone another being, and everyone has a first/root chakra).

Looking back at those experiences, I see them as amazing stories created by an Infinite Being to convince Itself that It's the opposite of what It truly is.

As I travel through life now, I see things occurring to give me the opportunity to clear those early limiting impressions. The Game of Life has progressed to where things happen to show me that these limitations aren't real.

So everything is perfectly supportive of wherever you are in the moment. If it's uncomfortable, your Unlimited Self is actually enjoying the discomfort, the way an actor bites into a really juice role (think how much fun Charlize Theron had playing the title role in Monster)!

The more capable 'actor' you are, the more challenging role You stepped into and the more exciting storyline You created. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my story and a little pissed off at my Expanded Self for thinking I'm so capable. Then it's time to stop, breathe, meditate, go for a walk in nature, anything to regain my perspective that this is all an amazing creation, a theme park for the Omnipotent aspect of my self. The Expanded part of me is enjoying this ride, and when I am able to reconnect with my Self, I enjoy it, too.

When you start to acknowledge it as just a moment in your personal movie, it gives way to something more expansive. Every dark night of the soul ends with a glorious morning, mine have always ended with greater love, peace and joyousness than one could possibly imagine.

Start to notice the Perfect Support in your life today, and see how that gives way to even more support showing up!

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