Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No limits, no restrictions

©2008 Joan M Newcomb

My focus recently has been creating a 13 week experience called Journey To The Infinite. It's based on a new "Busting Loose" product by Robert Scheinfeld, about living life with no limits, no restrictions. At first I was going to play it safe and only offer it to a few people who I knew would be on the same 'wavelength'.

In talking with someone in New Mexico offering similar experiences ("Busting Loose From The Money Game" and "Busting Loose From The Emotions Game) it became apparent that I was being way too limited in my thinking!

So I emailed *everyone* on my local lists about it. And then I put up posters in town. Which is a lot more publicity than I do for my classes!

I also decided that people can bring anyone they like to sit in on the groups for one evening or more - no expectations to begin at the beginning and go through to the end! Even though the series does build, I feel that whoever comes at any stage of the sessions will get exactly what they need to hear.

It's started me looking at how limited and restricted I've been in other parts of my life. I've been living 'under the radar' or 'playing it small' most of the time. Partly because I'm psychic, so naturally sensitive to energies. Partly because my dad was a spy - growing up, we were his 'cover', and it was dangerous to do anything to call attention to ourselves. As an adult, you couldn't excel at something without being attacked in some way. This influenced my relationship with God/Universe/Source/Higher Power feeling that it was not something to trust or rely on and definitely did not have my best interests at heart!

I've called this my 'Plexiglass wall' - the invisible barrier to playing a bigger part in the world.

In "Journey To The Infinite" terms, this is a marvelous creation by an Infinite Being to convince It that It's the opposite of Itself. It's an opportunity to reclaim power from the illusion of an unsafe world and an unsupportive God.

As I've been stepping out from behind the Plexiglass Wall, all sorts of surprises have been happening. An unexpected number of people showing up at meetings, "chance" encounters and serendipitous situations have begun happening.

Scheinfeld calls these "cookies" that the Universe gives you as encouragement, validation that you're breaking through the cloud cover and getting closer to the sunlight of Source.

What are your limits and restrictions that make up your Plexiglass Wall? What would it be like if it wasn't there? How would you feel? Who would you be without it?

Imagine! And little, by little, it will be so!

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