Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Channeling About Changes

Channeling About Changes ©2006 Joan M. Newcomb


I started this as a journal entry, but ended up finding myself ‘channeling’ information. It’s not channeling like Ramtha or Seth, where the channeler actually brings the being into their own physical body. I would find that uncomfortable, like giving my car keys to some dead being and saying, go ahead, drive my car! This was ‘channeling’ more in line with Dorothy MacLean or perhaps Eileen Caddy. It felt like almost hearing the information yet having a choice of words to use at times.

I’d been struggling with the topic for the next issue of Joan’s Journal – Musings of a Modern Mystic and it occurred to me that this is it.

This doesn’t feel dramatic. A lot of dramatic things are happening and my body is mystified by the disintegration of everything but this had to happen for the new to come in.

It’s unfortunate some of it is painful. It’s unfortunate some of it is scary. Those are vibrations on this planet; those are body reactions to change. Body is a solidifier, it is a manifesting machine; it brings energy together and densifies it. Thought is emitted from the brain, part of the densifying process.

You are shifting your reality and awareness to a higher plane (again). You are rising out of a level of limitation, lack, loss. Using the metaphor of remodeling a house – you are moving through or disintegrating walls of perception that have kept you stuck for years.

You are becoming more of a light body, we all are, it is what is going to happen on every level, but on your level of perception the physical body will be releasing denser molecules. People will experience this in different ways, through illness, through loss in their reality, through external/natural causes. All is designed to look at what is essential reality, what is important, what is/are the basics – each person will have the opportunity to experience miracles in their life. Some will choose to release the physical and work only in the energetic. None will miss out on the opportunity. It is planetary although it will happen in stages, in waves, in different geographical areas at different times. This has happened before in human history – the story of Noah in the Bible, the legend of Atlantis. No, the world is not necessarily going to be overcome by water although water has been a powerful catalyst for change so far [tsunami/Katrina].

If you get caught up in such an occurrence look at your individual manifestation within the group – we come together in locations as groups and our predominant thoughts manifest the predominant reality. And even so within it there have been individuals who have been spared or miss the event entirely – people who chose not to go to work on 9/11, people whose holiday plans to Indonesia were changed [tsunami], people who were called out of the south on business or family matters [Katrina].

As each of you learn to shine your individual lights to rise above mass consciousness, connecting to Source, brining in the vibration of Well-Being, you will each transcend what is happening in the lower vibrations. It is the lower vibrations which are falling away.

You have described your own process as feeling like ‘molting’ and that is exactly what is happening. That which you created or attracted from that limiting space, the smaller skin if you will, is falling away. It is scary if you believe it is the only reality but you have had enough experience with change, transitions, growth, moving in and out of different situations, that you will move through this one with skill and grace – transformation will come quickly (at least it will seem to do so; you have actually been working on this manifestation for years – chipping away at these walls to open into a new space of being)/

Share this with the world. Let your blog become more frequent communications with others. Speak your voice – sound your tune into the world, you are one of the vibrators of Now. Many are saying similar things and their voices each reach different ears. We seek to reach as many ears as possible to wake them to their own inner knowing, that they have a choice on how to experience this Coming of Age, their shifting can be painful or awkward, or graceful and with ease. All of you can choose to be in agreement with the coming changes. All of you can line up your individual wills, your individual souls, with the Divine Will, align with Source and thus experience all these transitions more easily, choosing from your inner wisdom and inner knowing.

As to how – Ask and it shall be giving, you will be drawn to books, classes, teachers, how to do if for You.

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