Thursday, August 21, 2008

Breakdown, breakthrough

Breakdown, Breakthrough ©2008 Joan M Newcomb

Ever had periods of time where it seemed that everything converged at once? I mean, all your core "issues", or things you were working on, life lessons, all come up at the same time? As we expand, we encounter these challenging periods. I used to like to think of it as 'final exams', as if the Universe was saying 'did you *really* learn everything over this past few months or year?

However, I no longer think of life as a school and there are specific lessons we must learn.

I'm having a different experience of life nowadays, so as this most recent convergence occurred, I'm seeing it in another way. I've known for most of my life that everything is energy, however nowadays Quantum physicists are calling it the 'morphic field'. It's really a symphony of energy, with the deeper tones vibrating with such density that you can perceive them as physical form. Higher notes are perceived as light, but higher still (beyond the range of human hearing) it's what we'd term as Spirit. There are medium notes, which is emotional energy, and also aspects that we'd define as Personality.

Each of us is experiencing our personal symphony, emitting notes and attracting tones, and we perceive in terms of having a physical form, moving through patterns of reality we identify as our daily life and interactions with other people. In actuality, we're all of it. Beyond our persona, we're the orchestra, the music playing, the conductor and composer. All the other people are reflections of ourself, they're all energy patterns, too. That can be somewhat mind blowing to comprehend, so let's go back to our tiny instrument and our little portion of the tune.

From the Law of Attraction standpoint, we attract what comes to us by the thoughts we put out. The focus then goes to what tones we're emitting, and then focusing on sending out only specific ones (or thoughts) in order to manifest/attract what we desire. However, we encounter all these other melodies that have been going on in our section of the orchestra. Do we just ignore them and focus on our song? That's one way of doing it.

Convergence happens (yes, I knew you were wondering if I'd get to the point) when these other vibrational patterns collide with the new song we're singing. Resisting them solidifies them and makes them denser. The first step is to remember that it's all just energy, it's not reality, it's just our perception. The second step is to de-energize the emotion, because that's the glue that holds the illusion together. One technique, put forth by Robert Scheinfeld ("Busting Loose From The Money Game"), is to intensify the feelings, 'step into them' and then affirm the Truth - which is that it's all an illusion created by our Consciousness to convince ourselves that we're the opposite of Who we are. That we're an Infinite, Abundant, Powerful Presence, and we reclaim power from the illusion 'right here, right now'. Then you spend a moment appreciating the illusion and yourself for being so powerful as to create it.

Another technique, from my early Clairvoyant training, is to release the energy from the illusion either by imagining it as deleted, or imagine it as a series of photographs or film negatives, clip the corners and drain the emotions out of them, and then delete them. Some people like to 'highlight and delete' them, zap them with a phaser, or just have them -poof!- disappear.

Either way you're clearing your personal hologram, your part of the morphic field.

Viewing it this way depersonalizes things that happen to you. It takes the drama out of events. It neutralizes reactions to other personalities.

What's fun is that, when you start breaking through your illusions, things start changing in very amusing ways. Today I went to the post office and both clerks had closed signs in front of them. I had a bit of an interaction with both of them, and then I left as I was late for a meeting. (Time is an illusion, too, but that's a topic for another article).

My old thinking decided that I'd just get stamps from the grocery story later and guess how many to put on my envelope, so I could avoid dealing with the postal clerks. But I forgot to buy stamps with my groceries and found myself back at the post office, standing in line behind the mother of an ex-girlfriend of one of my sons. My old thinking wanted to pretend I didn't recognize her or know who she was (which was pretty ridiculous) but instead I found myself chatting with her about how her daughter was doing. Poof! Something de-energized and I didn't even know it.

Then I took my envelope to the one postal clerk I've had uncomfortable interactions with in the past and I assumed there'd be some residue from earlier in the day. Instead, it was a very pleasant transaction. She actually used the term 'appreciation' in our conversation (which I like to think of as validation from the Field that this is, indeed, an illusion).

Living this way you find that people change from scene to scene. They move in and out of your hologram and sometimes morph into totally different personalities (while retaining the same physical form). Circumstances change as well, so things that you may have predicted to be unpleasant turn out to be fine, and opportunities arise from nowhere (actually from another vibratory level in the morphic field). There isn't the same sense of cause and effect as in the old way of doing things. It's sometimes uncomfortably random. It's like going off the written music and improvising instead.

There's a reason why you're reading this, whether you consciously know it or not. You can act on this information, using the techniques I've suggested, or sit with it. Either way, your hologram is changing and transformation is inevitable!

Happy growth period, everyone!

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