Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Are Psychic

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb


You are psychic, although you may not call it that. You may be sensitive to certain things, feel intuitive at times, or have "hunches". You may dismiss your first impressions and later have them validated. Perhaps you've been thinking of someone and then they phoned or emailed -- coincidence, right?

No, you're psychic.

We're all psychic, to some degree or another. Psychic is from the Greek word psychikos which means 'of the soul', or 'spirit'. If you've got soul, you're psychic.

Or, more accurately, since you're spirit with a human body, you *are* spirit, so you are psychic.

Think of you're innate talents or abilities. Are you a very visual person? Then you're naturally clairvoyant - images come easily to you. Are you naturally sensitive to the atmosphere in places, or other people's emotions? Then you're empathic - you sense through your feelings. If you're musical or attuned to hearing, you could be clairaudient - you hear vibrations. Or voices, which is also telepathic.

How do you develop your ability? The first step is to validate it. When you think of someone and shortly thereafter run into them - validate your precognition. If you go to work one morning and have this sinking feeling, and later learn that several coworkers were laid off, validate your empathic ability. The more you validate it, the more frequently it'll show up.

Since it's your spiritual ability, focusing on your spiritual development will enhance your 'psychic-ness'. Learning to meditate, turning within and 'tuning into' your own energy will strengthen it. There are some good books and teachers out there. I recommend "Basic Psychic Development: A User's Guide to Auras, Chakra & Clairvoyance" by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher, anything by Sonia Choquette and also John Edward (the guy who talks to dead people, not Edwards the politician).

For those of you on or near Vashon Island, I'm starting a class series next week which leads up to psychic reader training and will definitely give you the ABC's of energy awareness.

Someone asked me, 'how do you control it?' because they have deceased people just show up unannounced. My initial response is - how do you control your hearing or seeing? Being psychic can be like living in an apartment building with too thin walls - how do you stop your neighbor's noise? You can actually 'dial down' your awareness, it just takes practice and focus.

Being psychic can also feel lonely, like you're an opera singer amongst deaf people, or a master painter in a blind world. The majority of people don't acknowledge the symphony of sound and color that is out there. The truth is, folks just don't talk about it.

Sometimes you have to initiate the conversation, and you'll discover your Mom's been talking to your deceased father for the last three years. You may have to soften your language - use 'intuition' instead of 'psychic', or 'feeling' or 'impression'. You'll find that others may be delighted that you brought up the subject, because they've been feeling lonely too.

Acknowledging extra sensory perception is validating that each of us is more than our body. Most of us are longing to be recognized as spirit; it's the essence of who we really are.

So I invite you to notice and affirm your extra *spiritual* perception, it will definitely make your world a brighter place!

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