Thursday, September 18, 2008

No time or space

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

There is no time or space as Spirit/Source/Expanded self. Our body experiences things linearly (i.e. along a time line) and spatially (i.e. that it is here and other things are there). But we are more than our body.

Only about 20% of us energetically inhabits our physical form. Our Expanded Self is the other 80%, and it experiences everything at once - the Unity of All.

All of our past lives, all of our future lives, and all of our parallel lives are happening simultaneously. That means the Pope's Expanded Self is simultaneously experiencing his present life, his past life as a prostitute in Jerusalem, and a future life as the atheist president of Planned Parenthood. As a radical example.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of what this is like through the experience of Deja Vu. Some years ago I was at McDonalds with my youngest son and saw my reflection in the mirrored wall tile. It was a few years after my divorce, the stress of which had caused me to lose about 25 pounds, and I had recently started coloring my hair. I instantly felt the sensation of Deja Vu, and could hear the younger version of myself saying - 'Oh my god, I'm divorced! I'm thin! and I'm **blond**!!!'.

(FYI - the blond phase only lasted a year; I'm at my more natural shade of red nowadays)!

Recently I had what could be described as a reverse Deja Vu. I had the sense of an older version of myself remembering me as I am now.

Whenever I feel stuck, a comforting technique is to reach out as Spirit/Source/Expanded Self to a future version of me. The Me that has already lived through this experience. Even if I can't comprehend how I got unstuck, energetically I absorb the information, and it helps me navigate through whatever I'm dealing with.

Then there are parallel Selves. In May I was unable to attend a workshop that I *really* wanted to go to, so I sent a Parallel Self. A couple weeks later someone mentioned that they thought they saw me there! Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the advanced level of the workshop and I 'got' what was being taught! Even though I didn't intellectually understand, intuitively I knew and could follow along.

Another way of using Parallel Selves is to reach for information or experiences that you feel are missing in your present experience. The Self that actually completed that degree, or the Self that had nurturing rather than abusive parents. It can shift your reality in ways that are both subtle and profound!

I've done energy sessions retroactively with amazing results, and have heard of practitioners who have had parallel selves do sessions that they were too busy to schedule with equal success.

This may be too much to comprehend with your rational mind, so I invite you to playfully experiment with the suggestions offered above. See what happens, and let me know!

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