Friday, October 3, 2008

Divorce the Economy!

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

Last Fall I was at a Mark Dunn seminar in Portland (for more info about him, go to and someone asked him about money. His response was, "you have to divorce the economy"!

What he meant was, you have to separate yourself energetically from not only the economy, but the collective mindset about money. One first step is to stop paying attention to the news.

The news is designed to elicit the most dramatic emotional response possible. It has to be about doom and gloom, as something positive just wouldn't be considered "news". An example of this is watching news reports about the weather.

The weather is an entertaining topic here in the Seattle area. We're in a convergence zone which means it can be snowing in parts of the city and bright and sunny in other parts. You can bet which part they'll be showing on the news that day! Their camera crews have to be quick however; most of our snowfall melts by mid-afternoon.

One person interviewed on a news show in New York can affect the entire country, even if he's only reflecting what's going on in that city.

In order to create a different reality for yourself, you have to stop focusing on the reality of others. Pull your attention away from the collective (who are operating unconsciously) and put it on yourself. Stop acting like it's snowing if it isn't at your house. Stop acting like you've entered the next Ice Age if it's going to melt by dinner. You cannot create something different if you're matching the group.

Better yet, notice how the sun is shining in your life. Wealth, riches, prosperity and abundance may be all around you, and you've had your face glued to CNN. In every moment there's opportunity to change your experience.

The other day one of my students was riding her bike and worrying about the economy. She found herself turning to her Expanded Self for guidance and suddenly noticed deer feeding in the field across the road. It was like a giant message that there is more to this Creation than the stock market numbers.

When you focus on doom and gloom, you close the doors to better possibilities. When you see the beautiful fall colors and savor the wind on your face, you open yourself to more gifts from the Universe.

As a reverse example - I've had times of money struggles as a single parent; there was one year when I couldn't afford toilet paper! All around me the economy was booming, but I was on food stamps. I experienced amazing miracles that year. One was a trip to Findhorn that cost less that $500 (including airfare); money for it appeared from unexpected refunds and rebates. Someone gifted me and my children firewood for the winter. We lived in a humble cabin, but it was on the beach next to million dollar homes. The energy of the water was tremendously healing for us.

The important thing I learned from that time was that, even though my income was low, I didn't have to be in a low energy space. Being on food stamps was temporary; I didn't need to experience the energetic state of welfare or poverty.

Collective energy is created by groups, but you can change the collective by changing your individual experience. If enough people focus on the light within their own lives, it enlightens the whole. Refuse to have your personal reality defined by Wall Street. Pay attention to the messages from your Expanded Self; it is always directing you towards the light.

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