Thursday, September 25, 2008

Male and Female Energies

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

At a recent seminar by Dr. Mark Dunn, ND ( he mentioned energetic "states", one of which being the state of war. "Some of you may experience it as male, since males are the ones that start wars," he said.

He'd created a space in the back of the room and the participants were able to step into it to experience this energy space, and practice a technique they'd just learned to stay open within such a vibration. I stepped into the space and it didn't feel warlike; it felt like home.

I grew up with three brothers, a dominant father, and have two sons. I joke that I learned to leave the toilet seat "up" when I left the bathroom. Testosterone is a familiar vibe for me; estrogen isn't.

When I was training to do female readings and teach women's meditation and healing classes, I learned some specifics of male and female energy.

Everyone has both male and female energy, and we each have a unique balance. Male energy is a lower tone, and seemingly more dense. Female energy is a higher vibration and seemingly more diffuse. For the most part we're comfortable with our own energy balance. When we have another's male energy in our space we'll feel heavier (can be interpreted as grief). When we have another's female energy in our space, it feels buzzing or irritating (and can be interpreted as guilt).

It manifests in different behaviors - male energy is more direct and lineal. You can see or feel it coming. Female energy is more scattered and circuitous.

The expression of creativity is different as well. Male energy grounds and builds, but also is very creatively destructive (witness a man's joy in blazing trails or a boy's delight in taking something apart). Female energy seems to multitask, it manifests on many levels at once.

I've noticed a difference in communication styles. My elder brothers and my two sons both wrestled a lot. They wrestled when they liked each other and when they hated each other (and the sound effects were the same). It's a form of male communication - men talk when they're doing something, like playing racquet ball or shooting pool, jogging or driving in the car. Their sentences are direct and to the point. Women use words, lots and lots and lots and lots of words. They cover multiple topics at once and getting to the point takes a while.

Your environment and also your genetic makeup contributes to your own unique balance - there are men who were raised amongst a lot of women who are very comfortable with that energy (and vice versa). Science is starting to recognize there are more than two sexes, so each individual's body emits it's special blend of the two energies.

You may be a man with a very high, pure vibration, or one who delights in long, intense conversations. You may be a woman who is down to earth and succinct in her speech.

If you suddenly feel like crying, or so weighed down you want to sleep, it could be another male's energy in your space. If you feel irritated and guilty, it could be another female's energy in your space. Here's a technique I picked up at Mark Dunn's workshop -

Imagine the tone or vibration (or color or sense) of the energy, and "drop down". That may be focusing in your heart, or lower, in your abdomen, or even under your feet. Drop down to the similar level of that energy and you will notice your heart and head becoming more clear. You don't have to match the intent of the energy, just it's level. You may have to play with moving up and down for it to settle and clear for you.

For this week, however, it's enough to just notice. Notice the male and female energies around you and in the world. And notice how you navigate through them!

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