Friday, October 24, 2008

Having a Body

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

We are Consciousness that has chosen to manifest through individual bodies for the fun of being the opposite of everything Consciousness is. Consciousness is omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal, joyous, to name a few things.

The point of being here is to experience all the oppositeness being "here" has to offer. Our physical body is a brilliant creation in that regard.

When one becomes more spiritually focused, there's a tendency to want to ignore the body. This is about as effective as not feeding or watering the horse you're riding.

Consciousness *is* change and when the Expanded Self part of you thinks of moving forward, You are already there. Your body, however, needs time and space to catch up. Time and space are an illusion to Consciousness but very real to Body.

You can do energetic things to shift Body's awareness about it's limitations. You can step into a parallel reality where you don't experience jet lag for example (wish I'd thought of that last week)! You can work with Morphic Fields and time travel to shift conditions within the body so it no longer experiences an illness or trauma.

However you first must be aware of your body and in alignment/agreement with it before you can shift anything. If you're so intent upon the end result you're dragging it by the reins, you're not going to notice that it's acting hungry, angry, lonely or tired. If you have judgment about it's limitations, you're going to try to manipulate or control it, which will solidify whatever you perceive is wrong with it.

Coaxing your body through periods of growth and change works best. Your body/personality will absolutely resist any other technique if it doesn't trust you or feels judged or pushed.

Anything You're trying to create or attract won't manifest unless your body is receptive to You. Chocolate, delicious treats, hot baths/showers, naps, are all great ways to coax your body into agreement/alignment with You.

So look at your body's experience of your growth phase right now. What does it need from you? Comforting? Rest? Affection? Connection? Tune into your body at least once a day, and give it whatever it's asking for at that time. You'll notice enormous leaps forward in whatever you're bringing into form!

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