Friday, October 24, 2008

change vs. maintenance

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

Having just come back from helping staff a Matrix Energetics seminar in Baltimore, I was going to write about Morphic Fields. But the election has happened, and this subject was sitting in my list of potential ezine subjects, so I'm going to explore this today.

I'll start clairvoyantly. When I read auras, I'll often see the color green. Green means change to me, and the different shades of green depict different phases of change.

Spring green, the color of new blades of grass, is brand new change. It's the color around birth and death. It's in your aura when you get divorced, quit your job, and move to another city.

Medium green, the color of mature grass, is when the change has been in effect for some time. I call it maintenance, because you're maintaining the change that happened two or three years ago. You could use the analogy of mowing your lawn to maintain your yard or garden.

Dark green is when maintenance has faltered. You're letting things slide in the personal growth area. You've forgotten to keep mowing your lawn.

Olive or Khaki green is past time energy. Sometimes this just comes up if you've attended a family gathering or a class reunion. Other times it means your lawn has become a jungle and you need to get out the machete!

We've had an interesting eight years in the U.S., in which I've watched the governing powers revert changes that previous administrations had brought about. I'd never seen the cycle of change reversed before. It felt that we were returning to the 1950's in terms of ecology, human rights, and information privacy. It felt like we were returning to 1930's Germany in some aspects as well. (And it's seeming we're returning to post 1928 economy, but that's possibly an illusion).

So of course, change had to happen in a big way. I can imagine the new president will have to wield a big machete to get through the chaotic jungle left behind at the White House.

New administrations always have to deal with the remains of the previous ones. Their promise of change always is delayed because of it. It's possible it could take Obama four years to get things cleaned up to the point of being able to effect the change he talked about during his campaign.

However, things are energetically accelerating. Time and space are no longer limiting factors in creating change. It's possible for transformation to come about instantaneously.

Where does maintenance come in here? Maintenance looks a little different than it use to. Maintenance used to be keeping things as the previous change left them, but then could also be interpreted as the opposite of change. Maintaining routines, keeping things clear, all of which is helpful in terms of providing stability.

However now it seems that maintenance is more about keeping up with new changes, pushing past plateaus and continuing to challenge oneself with new expanding possibilities. A practice of letting go of the old and embracing the new could be seen as maintenance.

So I invite you to look at the cycles of change in your life, where are you keeping things going and where are you keeping things the same? With such a momentum in the air, you may find it easier now than ever to let go of old limitations!

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