Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ethics & Judgment

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

As Spirit, there is no ethics, no judgment, no good or bad, right or wrong. Everything is neutral, and joyous at the same time. It's only in this physical game that all those things come into play.

To paraphrase Robert Scheinfeld ("Busting Loose From The Money Game", judgment is the glue that keeps the illusion in place. When we're judging, we're not only saying that something is good or bad, but that it's real!

Imagine watching a bunch of kids on a playground. They gather together and decide to make up a game. They pick sides, they make up rules. They take the game really, really seriously. They get upset if someone breaks the rules, they cry if they're on the 'wrong' side, or the other side wins (or they lose).

As an adult watching, you're not as caught up in the game, you may even find it amusing. From your perspective, you know that life goes on, there will be a different game tomorrow, even they will forget about it when it's time to go home.

That's how you as Spirit, your Expanded Self, views life on Earth. Everything here is just a game. From your Expanded viewpoint, there is no good or bad, it's all a bunch fun and interesting stories. Whether some species of wildlife became extinct or the other guy got elected, it's all very entertaining to Spirit.

Anything you have strong opinions or feelings about, limits your energy. Whatever you believe it, or judge as good, holds as much power as that you deem is bad. Now, limits aren't bad; from your Expanded Self's viewpoint they're delightful (because ES doesn't take anything here seriously)!

But if we let go of our ethics and judgments, won't people go around murdering and stealing and sinning all over the place? Think about it - murder comes from strong feelings of right or wrong, and stealing comes from the belief that others have something you lack.

If you act as your Expanded Self, then you recognize everyone around you as a reflection of you, a cast member in your movie. You won't need to kill them to write them out of your script. You'll just change your focus and they'll morph into someone that you like (they way they recast Darren in the old Bewitched series) or spin off into a miniseries of their own on another network!

As Spirit you're infinitely Abundant, and know you can manifest anything you desire, so there is no need to take it from another. If you don't have it, you're either in the process of bringing it into form or enjoying the limitation of lack (what do you create if you're the Creator - Nothing!

Sin is a misinterpretation of the original Aramaic word for an archery term, 'missing the mark'. It's been heaped with judgments and ethics over the centuries as a brilliant way to control and convince individuals that they're the opposite of their True Selves. To err is human, it's one of the exciting aspects of the game (to One that is all knowing).

Abraham-Hicks says you can never get it wrong. Your Expanded Self is the one overseeing the playground. If you made a mistake, your ES enjoyed it through you.

When you release judgment and ethics, you let go of the emotional charge that has locked you into the playground-level of the game. Letting go of good or bad, you relax into the expanded experience of Spirit. It becomes easier to navigate through this life, things manifest into your realm in unexpected and delightful ways.

Byron Katie's The Work is a great way to turn yourself around when you're stuck on a subject. When you find yourself ranting about a topic or resisting someone's politics, just ask yourself - is it True? How do you know it's True? How do you feel when you think that thought? Who would be without it? And then, the mind blower - reverse the statement. E.G. They should vote conservative, or I should vote conservative. Or, I love doing taxes!! In so doing, you shine light into all possibilities and raise your level of neutrality.

This week, start by noticing anything you are judging, anything that holds an emotional charge for you. Take a step back and view it from your Expanded Self (or do the Work on it, if a step back is too great a leap for you). Notice how you feel as you do this, and how things change for you as the week goes on.

Relax and enjoy the ride!

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