Tuesday, December 2, 2008


©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

I'm noticing that whatever people felt were their anchor point has become unstable nowadays. There have been many times in my life where either everything collapsed to my foundation, or my foundation was decimated entirely.

People who have sought security in money, jobs and investments are finding things evaporating before their eyes. Those who have counted on relationships are finding their loved ones morphing into completely different characters. Things we've believed are solid and real are turning out not to be, thus shaking our belief systems to their core.

In reality, this has been going on our entire lives, but usually with just one thing at a time. And we usually have a year or two or three to get over it before the next challenge comes. Now it seems all is being called into question at once, and it seems to be happening with everyone, magnifying the experience for all.

It's all happening because we're coming to a new level of awareness. It's an increased inner responsibility and a connection with a God-Self within. We're growing up. We're becoming Conscious. It'll be wonderful once we get there, but how do we manage the discomfort as the old illusions fall away?

A technique that I've relied on for half my life has been grounding. I create/imagine an energy connection from my first chakra/lower abdomen down to the center of the earth. It acts as both an anchor or stabilizer, and also an energy release. When I'm grounded, it usually feels like gravity has increased. I'm less knocked over by whatever is going on around me. My body feels safer when grounded. And, by imagining it like a trash chute, I can release negative energy out of my space and down to the center of the earth to be recycled.

I still believe that this can be an effective technique for many people. However, my hologram is changing, my realm of energy work is expanding, and so my technique of grounding needs upgrading as well.

When I first started working with Matrix Energetics, I discovered that I needed 'multidimensional' grounding. I was engaging in Parallel Universes and parallel dimensions, so all my parallel selves required grounding as well! Back then I didn't question where I was grounding to, I just did it.

I asked Mark Dunn about grounding and he said he doesn't ground to the center of the earth any more because 'the earth is dying'. I don't think that's true, but I do think that energy is being withdrawn from the hologram, so it feels that way to most. I think there will always be a playground Earth but it will feel different.

What started happening for me this summer is whenever I grounded, not just my body but my environment, I'd experience the 'Matrix wave' instead. The center of the earth disappeared and it seemed like there was nothing below but outer space. Oops! Maybe we really are in a giant holodeck on the Enterprise after all!

Mark teaches 'dropping down', moving from your head to your heart, but it also involves dropping into your solar plexus and your lower abdomen. It's kind of like grounding into your first chakra rather than grounding from it. Dropping down happened automatically with me when I grounded to the center of the earth. The grounding into my first chakra is taking conscious practice, however.

A visual image that came to me as I was considering how to conclude this article was swimming in a strong current (which we all are doing at this moment). Trying to have your feet on the ground isn't possible (or necessarily productive). However if you stay centered and focused within yourself, you'll maintain the presence of mind to navigate your way through the flow.

Which all comes down to bringing your energy and focus back inside. Your foundation isn't in money, job, relationships or an external God. It's in You. Try connecting to your inner You (or U, for Universe, I like to say) and see how that helps you in the coming days and months.

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