Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mystic Musings on Money

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Money is always a hot topic, regardless of the economy. However, there was a joke circulating recently about an E-book titled "How To Make Money in This Economy" and when you opened it, all it said was "Write an E-Book about How To Make Money In This Economy".

For years I used to work for a mystery school that never paid very much. Yet I had everything I needed. I felt that I was 'working for God', so God was supporting me by providing from sources other than my paycheck.

Think about the difference in being paid minimum wage versus $200 an hour. Notice what it feels like to earn whatever your present yearly income is. Then imagine what it would feel like if your yearly income was your *monthly* income. When I play with this, I notice I go from feeling contracted to feeling light, airy, expanded. One thing I've noticed over the years is that the least paying jobs require the most effort. The larger your hourly wage is, it seems, the less effort you expend doing it. I think that's due to a couple spiritual principles: Effortlessness and Havingness.

Havingness is the ability to have. Everything you create in your life reflects your spiritual Havingness. If you have limitations, some aspect of your Havingness is contracted. Often this is mental stuff, ideas and concepts, family history, personal story. We've all heard about people who win the lottery and later end up broke. Their havingness didn't expand to their new fortune. And people who manifested their perfect partner but ended up divorcing. Creating something new in your life requires expansion, requires creating internal space to 'have' the new creation.

Effortlessness is a spiritual principle (I've written about it before as the concept of 'No Effort'). To paraphrase Yoda, "Do not try -- do ". Effort is a body level energy, but it destroys spiritual creativity. That's why things often come into your life when you stop trying to have them. You've let go, energetically, so they can come into form.

My newest awareness of money that I've been playing with is based on Robert Scheinfeld's book, Busting Loose From The Money Game. Scheinfeld says that money is really an 'expression of appreciation'. When you have a nice meal in a restaurant, when you pay the bill you're really expressing appreciation for the food and the service. When someone pays you for your services, they're expressing appreciation for you and your gifts.

When you shift your perspective to expressing appreciation, suddenly paying your taxes is no big deal. Your expressing appreciation for the income that you've got, and for all the things you want your taxes to go towards.

When you shift from expressing appreciation only for things you pay for and are paid for to everything about your life, suddenly money starts coming in from left field, from unexpected sources, even appearing in your bank account.

I have a student who's business went from operating at a loss to making millions in a short period of time. Her clients pay her by automatic deposit, and she's always meticulous about entering the numbers in her Quickbooks whenever she receives an email from her bank that a deposit has gone in. However, at the end of every month when reconciling her balance, there's always several *more* deposits into her account than she received notification for!!

When you let go of focusing on money and start focusing on appreciation, these things happen.

I've been self-employed for most of my life and have learned that it's important to stay out of survival in order to attract clients. Whenever I've worried about not having money, that's what I create temporarily. But usually I've worried about money and then discover that an automatic deposit came in or a client sent their check early. I end up feeling a little sheepish that I fretted in the first place!

The bigger picture about money is the bigger picture about reality - it's all an illusion, it's all made up, it's a creation of our consciousness. I am Spirit enjoying a full immersion holographic game; I'm the one that programs the computer! Money is just a pattern in the morphic field. It's as real as you want to make it. Same with reality.

When you're in effort and struggle for survival, then you're seeing things from your body's viewpoint. It's mortal, so it's worried about life and death. When you step back and view it as Spirit, as Source, you can see the bigger picture. Suddenly more options appear to you, more opportunities come your way, energy flows.

I know, I've had a really interesting roller coaster ride concerning money. When I was 22 I was confident that I could go anywhere in the world, land on my feet and support myself. I was working as a secretary for $5 an hour and after taxes brought in $10,000 a year. I was happy that I could pay all my bills each month. Then I became involved with someone who was independently wealthy who freaked if they didn't have enough in the bank for a year's expenses. It turned out they had a cocaine habit that cost them $10,000 a year (this was 1981).

Thus began a turbulent ride of extreme abundance and extreme poverty. There was one time I couldn't even afford toilet paper! I became really familiar with the energy of contraction.

When you see things *as* your Expanded Self, you're no longer afraid about paying your bills. You know that everything will come in when and as you need it. It's not exactly being fearless, because fear isn't in the picture. It's about being relaxed and at ease with playing the Game in this world. The Game isn't about making a buck, or accumulating numbers, or things that symbolize wealth. The Game is about creation, actually it's about creating.

What delights You is the act of manifestation. You are the Creator of your reality and it's really, really fun to make things. And make things up (such as story lines).

Patterns in the morphic field are the structure around and through which our energy flows. We can deenergize or reclaim power from our personal patterns (old story lines, family history, etc.) and it changes our hologram. Our life stops seeming like a soap opera or tragedy and becomes a hilarious improvisation - kind of like 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' meets 'Second Life'.

So here's some baby steps to get you started. Every time you pay for something, think of it as expressing appreciation (and really feel the appreciation). Every time you're paid, experience of being appreciated. Then start appreciating all aspects of your life, down to the smallest detail. It's easiest to appreciate nature, so you can start there. How blue the sky is (when it's blue) or how warm the sun is (when it's out). What an amazing creation birds are, flying and hopping about. Then you can appreciation other parts of your life, your home, your relationships, your belongings. All of these are reflections of your Havingness, your ability to create and manifest.

Pretty soon you can start appreciating your story line, even the really challenging parts. Because you can see how juicy an acting job you've created!

Start by appreciating, and notice what starts showing up in your life!

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