Thursday, February 5, 2009


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I have a new radio show, called "Adventures in Density & Effort", it's a playful look at life on Playground Earth. As I've explained before, the spiritual realm is light or diffuse energy, the physical realm is dense, things have weight, it takes effort to move bodies through this reality.

Well, I sent off the 'Intro' for the show to my producer, who had a professional read and record it. What I received back was a pleasant woman's voice saying "Welcome to Destiny and Effort! With your host, Joan New-comb" (Newcomb pronounced as new comb, not Newcom as my husband's family says it).

Hmmm. Destiny and Effort. What an interesting combination.

But kind of misses the point.

After I'd finished laughing, I composed an nice email back to them with corrections. And it reminded me that amusement is a light energy level, it helps counteract effort. I was feeling a bit of effort about writing this week's article, so it's a perfect topic.

As Spirit we are light, and we Are Amusement. Spirit doesn't take *anything* seriously. It's our bodies that worry; when faced with change the first (unconscious) question they ask is, 'is it going to kill me'? Spirit doesn't die, so it feels more mellow about everything.

Have you ever found yourself in a really glum situation, say a funeral or in court for a traffic ticket, and part of you finds it really humorous? That's your Expanded Self. Tickets and fines and insurance rates doesn't bother It, since It made them all up, anyway. From It's Expanded Viewpoint, funerals aren't sad, but occasions for rejoicing. If we really knew what it was like to be reunited with the non-physical, we'd be happy for our loved one!

Amusement helps you let go of effort and resistance and stuckness. It allows energy to flow. When you're amused, things happen easily.

The thing is, your Expanded Self is *always* amused, even when you're not. It's not laughing at you, but compassionately amused, like a parent watching toddlers at the playground. That's how you can be in traffic court with one part of you worried about paying the fine and the other part going 'Gee, this would make a great scene in a movie'!

When you're amused you can see solutions to problems, as you have a broader perspective. It's like hovering above the crowd or the situation. When you're not in touch with your Self as Spirit, it's like being in the midst of the mess, and the mess is *real*.

The thing is, to your body, it *is* real. And serious. Dead serious. Whatever it is. So it's difficult to insist that you immediately align yourself with Source, get amused, and everything will be hunky dory. Sometimes you have to coax yourself into amusement, or distract yourself from whatever you're fixated on. Otherwise you're just invalidating that part of you, and then things get even murkier.

Maybe it requires placing a moratorium on watching the news or reading the paper. Maybe you need to decide to *only* watch funny shows on TV or go to comedies at the movies. Consider it as a form of self-care, choosing the light over gloominess.

Spend the next 7 days turning your attention towards what amuses you and see what happens!

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