Friday, January 2, 2009

Nothing is ever stuck

©2008 Joan M. Newcomb

Today a friend of mine said that she had a growing fascination with glass. Did you know, she said, that glass is considered a liquid? It's just moving very slowly!

It reminded me of something David Spangler remarked in a class I was in some years ago - that nothing is ever stuck, there is always movement. In many New Age/Personal Growth belief systems there is judgment if someone seems to not be changing. There's great validation if one is constantly on a roller-coaster ride of overt transformation.

In physics there is always movement, as in nature there is always change. A tree falls and dies and immediately starts becoming support for new living things. This time of year in this hemisphere it seems like everything has gone dormant. And yet beneath the surface, roots are strengthening and seeds are germinating. In ourselves, in our lives, there is always growth, even if the external seems stagnant.

Sometimes we may feel we're spinning our wheels, or that no matter how hard we try, we're making no progress. However, on the unseen levels much is being created. We're sending out rockets of desire for future manifestations. And our Expanded Self is enjoying the experience of being the opposite of it's Infinite Beingness.

Often at the moment we stop trying, when we surrender into the 'stuckness', we make a quantum leap forward. It's when we let go of effort, a body energy that blocks creativity, that our spiritual intentions can take form.

This has been a challenging winter for most of us. Harsh weather and lack of sunlight makes the best of us want to hibernate. My suggestion for the next week is to let go of trying to improve your situation, or resisting whatever limitations may be facing you. Give yourself a break for an hour or a day or the next week. Zone out in front of the boob tube or do something non-productively entertaining. And notice what gets unplugged and starts changing without any active effort on your part!

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