Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Downloading and Upgrading (on a spiritual/energetic level)

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Synchronicity is an interesting thing. I've been planning on writing on this topic for today's Ezine for most of this week. Then this morning I came across a website & blog by Havi Brooks "The Fluent Self" . She (and her duck, Selma) help people 'destuckify' and 'biggify'. She has a product called "The Procrastination Dissolve-O-Matic", which I didn't buy, but I did procrastinate writing this article by spending most of the last hour reading her blog and listening to her meditation on 'recoding your mind' (I highly recommend it).

Now I've forced myself away from her (but not before inviting her to join me on LinkedIn), I realize her 'Recoding Your Mind' meditation was right in line with today's article (funny how that happens)!

I started meditating in 1981, when I was 22, and started teaching psychic meditation in 1983. Computers were a new and rare animal then. However, nowadays they are on everyone's office desk, coffee shop table and in many people's pockets. And they contain *wonderful* metaphors for energetic work.

I first noticed the influence of computers when I did a meditation on connecting to the Akashic Records a while back. Originally, I'd visualize myself going up to a great Library of Congress in the sky, going to the reference desk and asking the librarian for whatever information I needed. They'd give me a huge book or two, and I'd bring it or them back down into my seventh chakra. This last time they gave me CD-Roms. Now I'm realizing that I probably can just request an on-line instant download. Wowser!

In order to create new, fun and exciting things in your life, you need to let go of old stuff. It's the same on every level. If you want new clothes, you need to clear out your closets and drawers, otherwise there'd be no room for your most recent purchases. If you want to create change within your body with diet and exercise, you need to let go of old habits and make space in your schedule.

The world is transforming at an accelerated pace, opening up new opportunities for growth and expansion. In order to embrace and welcome the changes that are happening, you may need to let go of limiting thoughts and behavior patterns.

Think of your body and mind as two aspects of your physical vehicle, that You as Spirit, You as Essence Energy, are manifesting through. In order to embody your physical vehicle more fully, to bring your Beingness into and in through it more, you have to raise your vibration. It's like wanting to access the Internet but having an older computer. You need to upgrade your inner components, and then you can download the new information.

Unlike a computer, you don't need to take out the old hard drive in order to put in a new one (although you can; I think it's called plastic surgery). You can energetically upgrade in meditation by connecting to the Cosmic Internet and requesting the information you need. Close your eyes, have your feet flat on the floor, turn within and take a deep breath. Then Ask. And it shall be given.

You can do this with Matrix Energetics simply by two-pointing yourself to the needed Upgrade. Two-pointing is the basic Matrix technique of touching or focusing on a point that is stuck or not moving, and then touching or focusing on a point that has movement. It can be within the body, or from the body to a point out in the morphic field. It can be from yourself to a parallel self in a parallel Universe. It's best not to think about it or pre-determine where it is. Just do it intuitively. If you feel a gentle wave pass through you, you've done it successfully.

This may seem way too easy. But that's the way things are starting to happen nowadays. Computers have made things much less effortful, allowing us to doing things much more quickly. Personal growth can be that way, too.

Before, we needed to take time and space for things to happen, and for bodies to adjust. Now it's taking less time. Kids are being born 'cable ready', and we adults are catching up, too.

So I invite you to try one of the techniques I've suggested - the Cosmic Internet connection or Matrix Energetics. Or get Havi Brook's meditation (available from her website, mentioned earlier). You can do it once, or several times. And notice what's different about your life by this time next week!!!

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