Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Are God - Are You?

(c)2009 Joan M. Newcomb

This is a big topic (as big as God) which can be approached from many angles... I'm just going to dive in and see what emerges.

I'm going to start biblically. If you look at the Old and New Testament version of God, you can see a clue as to the evolution of mankind, or the embodiment of Consciousness in form.

The Old Testament God is vengeful, jealous, but basically one that is very far away or removed from the people that he's pelting with frogs or locusts. It's a God that feels distant, yet also imbued with human characteristics. It's as if the little, antlike people are projecting their negative emotions onto God. Oh, and they have God be both nameless and formless yet have God be a Him. And be very mysterious and hard to understand. The perfect dysfunctional authority figure!

The New Testament God as introduced by Jesus, is a closer relationship, a father figure you can talk to, one who loves you and cares for you. Yet lets you die on the cross, because He loves you. And still is pretty persnickety when it comes to Sin. Oh, wait, some of that is leftover distortion from the Old Testament and some of that is continued distortion from the centuries of mis-translations.

[A side note - "sin" in Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke, actually is an archery term that means 'missing the mark'. Think about how the who tenor of the teachings change when you de-energize sin into a simple 'oops']

If you look at both from perspective of Consciousness evolution, you see that Consciousness created these forms, which have personality, with the intention of manifesting in and through them. In the Old Testament, these forms were still new (but not experimental, like Dinosaurs and Neanderthals, which got scrapped like early versions of the automobile). Vibrationally dense, Consciousness wasn't fully embodied into them. Hence the interpretation of God (=Consciousness) being 'far away'.

In the New Testament there was a mass Consciousness shift, where more of the energy could come through. A closer relationship was considered, a parental one, an identification (we were made in God's own form), but still God was outside. My Mystery School training, which was based on first century Christianity, said that only about 20% of Spirit could manifest into form. Even that's a distortion, because it emphasizes the dichotomy between Spiritual energy and Body energy (I've been away from that training for 15 years now, and I'm still letting go of some key elements of it).

What I see with the present Consciousness Shift is that Humanity is bringing the awareness within - to know the God within, the God Self, an inner identification with God. We weren't made in God's form - God doesn't have arms and legs or genitals. We are God's Essence manifesting form. So many changes are coming about because of this new awareness. For example traditional therapy, where the professional has more information than you, diagnoses you with what's 'wrong' with you, and can provide you with the answers or solution, is transitioning to Life Coaching. Life Coaches hold that you're the expert in your life, and are trained to ask empowering questions that draw your own Inner Wisdom out.

I've had my own adjustments with this shift. I wasn't comfortable with the concept of God Within, because I had a fear of the Ego. Having had a long term relationship with a cocaine addict, an up-close experience of the Addict's ego-personality, I didn't think it was safe to give that idea any power!

Of course, as our collective vibration raises, the denser aspects of ourselves fall away, including this distortion called Ego. Another way of looking at it is, as our collective vibration gets lighter, it brings to the surface the dark stuff that needs to be cleared. (Doesn't that explain the last 8+ years)?

However even as I write this, I'm aware of yet another step those of us on the leading edge are sliding into. That we don't have a God Within, but that we Are God. Robert Scheinfeld expresses it this way, 'the Power and Presence of God, creating this experience of reality down to the smallest detail'.

My experience is that we are Spirit, creating this physical reality down to the smallest detail. Spirit, singular, creating each physical form to manifest through. I Am Spirit, you are Spirit, too. The forms look different, but that's what's so fun about this place (to Spirit).

And, my most recent experience/revelation is that nothing is linear, nothing is dense to diffuse, dark to light, self to other. It is Spirit (I AM Spirit), instantaneously creating this awareness, more effortlessly than a programmer creating an internet game or Disney creating a theme park. As I allow this awareness and identification to become clear, things pop into and out of my hologram without logic or reason. Although I could create a story to try to make sense of things, they don't.

There isn't a leading edge here, either. Because that's a linear concept - if there's a lead, there's stuff lagging behind.

It's uncomfortable and exhilarating at the same time. Because I'm very attached to my core beliefs of things making sense, there being gravity and the center of the earth, and life having purpose. It's exhilarating because core limitations no longer have to exist. Karma, sin, working through lessons, being stuck, mistakes, all evaporate when viewed as Source. Source doesn't need to learn anything - It *invented* this game, and this vehicle. Source is just riding this particular ride, the way Jay Leno decides on which car he's going to take for a spin. Spirit *is* Perfection, so what's fun is experiencing imperfection!

So I'm still 'reclaiming power' from the old belief that others are separate, that Density is real (along with gravity). But as I do, my heart expands - which is an illusion also, but the heart feeling is real. As I identify myself *as* Source, *as* Spirit, I feel the expansiveness of it all. It's Love beyond love, and Joy beyond joy.

Since you're reading this, You must have wanted to receive this information. I invite you to take this in baby steps, to let the ideas germinate in your heart and head. Notice where *you* are in your awareness. Watch how your consciousness is shifting. If you need any more information, turn within and connect to Consciousness (I like the idea of having an internal modem and we're on-line to the Cosmic Internet 24/7... except with my new awareness, I *am* the Internet).

And see what blossoms as a result!

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