Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deconstructing Reality

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

We are creating our reality moment by moment. What seems so solid and real in front of you is actually an illusion. It feels as real as you make it.

One perspective is that you're creating pictures from the moment you're born (and receiving them as well). Your aura is a gallery of pictures that you view the world through and the world sees you through (projection). Deenergize your pictures and you change your world.

Another perspective is that we exist within a morphic field (or morphic fields) of energy, and we encounter waves of specific fields as we move through life. It's a bit more three dimensional than the 'pictures' version.

There's great accuracy with both these perspectives, but also distortion. With the 'Pictures' viewpoint, there's the belief that others are projecting pictures at you as well. With the 'Morphic Field' viewpoint, there's the concept that these waves are pre-existing, created by the Collective Conscious which you're supposed to be a part of but feels like something outside of you.

There's also the perspective that this is a full-immersion Game, rather like Second Life on line, only with virtual reality headgear. Even then you believe that it was created by some Cosmic Programmer, who is other than you. In actuality, it's a Hologram, like the holodeck on Star Trek The Next Generation. You've forgotten that you're the one who's programmed the computer. (You've forgotten that you're the Computer, as well)!

When you believe that reality is created by something outside of you, then ideas such as 'change your pictures, change your life' become nullified. No matter what you do to manifest, there's this subconscious sabotage going on, to reaffirm that you're actually powerless and there's nothing you can really to change things.

What often happens is that you go into a great deal of effort and struggle to change, fix or improve the hologram, which just makes things feel more stuck.

So, the Truth is that it's Your creation. You are an Infinite Being - You *are* Cosmic Consciousness, and you've created this illusion to have fun experiencing the opposite of who You are. One Opposite is the illusion that you're small and powerless, and an individual separate from all the other billions on the planet.

In actuality, You created all of this, and all of this is You. You're perceiving it from physical form, because that's the perfect vehicle for this Human Game ride. It's limited - only lives a lifespan, is dense, can't fly, has all sorts of feelings, and has a personality (a mind of it's own).

You have so much fun experiencing the story line of this Body/Personality vehicle, even (or maybe especially) the struggles and pain and hardship!

When you begin to wake up to this awareness, your first task is to deconstruct reality. That is, de-energize the pictures or dissolve the morphic fields. Every thing that occurs from that waking up moment is an opportunity to clear the distortions. And as you do this, you start to experience the Joyfulness that is really You.

What I notice when I put my attention on this, whether through dissolving pictures or reclaiming power or any number of techniques in my spiritual toolkit, is that my external world looks different. The colors are brighter, everything feels clearer. It sometimes feels like I'm walking through a movie set, which doesn't make it less real, just different. My body feels more solid, but not necessarily more dense.

Also, things start happening in my reality - odd synchronicities, interesting people showing up or opportunities to create new storylines. I Am creating validation for my energy work. I Am affirming that this isn't real, but a fun sensory illusion.

My original belief was that we're all here to Create our Reality, by which I meant consciously manifest our desires. That was a body/personality perspective. It keeps wanting to drive the bus.

However in Spiritual/Energy Reality the opposite is always True. Body uses effort to make things happen, Spirit/Energy uses no effort (which is why things show up when you stop trying to make them happen). So the real way to create your reality is to destroy your pictures/distortions!

If that's all you do is de-energize pictures or reclaim power, that's enough. Because amazing things start happening when you do. Your body/personality fears that you'll lose everything if you do that, but again the opposite is true. In letting go of the illusion, you gain the whole world.

Try this for the next 7 days. Whenever it occurs to you, use an energy technique you know to de-energize pictures, or drop down the illusion. Even Byron Katie's "The Work" is a great way to dissolve limiting beliefs. Let go of trying to make things happen, let go of daily affirmations, etc.

And see how your life changes! And email me to let me know joan@joannewcomb.com !

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