Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fear and Anger

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

We're an Infinite Being that's created this Human Game for the fun of it. As Infinite, we're Infinitely Joyful, our Essence is ecstatic, all the time. So one of the fun aspects of the Human Game is all the different emotions we can feel!

A couple of these emotions are fear and anger. Physical bodies have the fear emotion as an alarm signal that they're in danger of being injured or dying. Anger is a reaction to fear and is an inspiration to either get the heck out of the situation or to defend or protect itself.

That's it.

When we're playing the Human Game at an unawake level, everything seems to reinforce the fact that we're powerless and in danger of dying. That we are our bodies, and when they go, we cease to exist. So the emotion of fear is a great reinforcement!

Look how fear has expanded in our world, in the news and in politics, to reinforce this aspect of the Human Game. We can be sitting in our homes snug and cozy with a cup of tea, and then turn on the news. Suddenly we're told that we could catch a flesh-eating bacteria if we haven't washed our hands, or the swine flu could be overrunning our community. An outbreak of an illness is a harbinger of a pandemic. There could be a few flakes of snow in the air and the news has turned it into a full scale blizzard.

I live on an island of 11,000 people accessible only by ferry, and we've police with drug sniffing dogs going up and down the ferry lines, and the coast guard circling our boats. Just in case "the terrorists" want a target 3,000 miles from New York City...

It's a great way to keep you off-kilter. Even if you were focused on reclaiming power from the illusion and waking yourself up to a more joyful way of living, you've totally forgotten about it now!

News and politics kindle anger, too. We're all supposed to have strong feelings against certain countries in the Middle East, or people who drive Hummers, or vote for the other guy.

Anger flares up when we feel our boundaries are crossed, and man, do we create boundaries wayyy out there so pritnear anyone could cross one at any time.

There's family patterns that reaffirm the fear and anger dance as well. Dad has a hard day of the office, is fearful of getting fired or not having enough money, comes home and yells at Mom, Mom snaps at the Kid and the Kid kicks the family dog. We carry such patterns into our work lives and other interactions. People make overly aggressive comments in meetings and emails. The recipients take it, fearful of losing their job in this economy (oh, the Economy, what a great fear game), then go home and yell at the wife, etc. etc. Fear and anger, fear and anger...

When we wake up to the fact we're an Infinite Being and that we actually created all of this down to the smallest detail, our first reaction may be anger.

Anger can be an effective way of getting unstuck, of clearing out limitations that have been blocking us from moving forward in our lives. But if you're reacting against a distortion, often your anger is distorted as well.

When we start to realize We created all the characters in our story line, that they're actually reflections of us (us in disguise), it becomes harder to react with anything but amusement or appreciation. Like a writer/producer/director admiring his newest film or play, you chortle with glee over every twist and turn in the story line. You absolutely love every character as well, no matter how flawed.

Fear and Anger become indicators that we've lost our focus, that we've temporarily forgotten our Infiniteness. As We grow in Awareness, You can actually get to the point where you're both amused *and* angry or fearful at the same time!

So I invite you to take a step back from the news and politics and view them from the bigger picture of the Human Game. And take a step back in your daily life to see how family patterns may be running both at home and at work. Appreciate the marvellous Game that this is, and see how you feel at the end of 7 days...

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