Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Life Is All About

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

A long time ago I was washing windows. The elderly owner of the house where I was working came out and started gabbing with me. He ask, "what is the purpose of life?"

I was absorbed in my task and only half hearing what he was saying, but as soon as he asked that question, I came into sharp focus. "Creating. Creativity. We're here to create."

It was one of those 'Aha' moments, when the I AM me really stepped into the driver's seat to respond to his query.

You've had that feeling - where you feel clear, and maybe large, and maybe full. Things around you are in sharper focus. Colors are brighter. There's an inner relaxation, too. That's you being You. That's you Being. That's when All That You Are is fully here. Doesn't that feel wonderful?

We're here to create. That's it. That's all. We're in it for the fun of it. No lessons to learn, no karma to pay off. It's all about the true Joy of being here, in physical form.

Think about a time when you were absorbed in doing something. Writing. Gardening. Cleaning. Cooking. Painting. Singing. Making model trains. Rearranging the rocks in your fish tank. Caring for your child. Really, it could be anything.

An energy kicked in. It feels similar to the Aha moment. It's an inner satisfaction. It's a hum of your engine. It's an inner happiness. You're in the moment, and it could last forever.

That's You, creating.

All art is an expression of our Spiritual voice. Painter's paint and what comes through bypasses intellect and goes straight to the heart. Musicians play their music and do the same. But it doesn't have to be what one typically thinks of as 'art'. It can come through anything you engage it.

It's You being here.

You are Spirit, you are Infinite, and you're here manifesting through this body for the fun of it. At first it seems like density and effort, struggle and pain, powerlessness and manipulation and all those gloriously entangled threads of restrictions and resistance. But that's part of the fun.

Being Infinitely Capable, it's fun when things are really, really hard.

Eventually, though, when you relax into it, breath, release, refocus, it becomes a delightful game to play. You are here, Being Yourself.

What's so fun about making stuff (making art, creating) is it is what You do. You are your most expanded, made all of this reality. Decorating your house, building the diorama for your train set, adding plants to your fish tank, are all microcreations of your macrocreation of life.

If you've lost perspective of this, if you're feeling overworked, burned out, used and abused, take a time out. Do *something* creative. Even fifteen minutes of idle doodling can bring your energy back. Bake cookies. Knit. Sing. Badly. Finger paint with chocolate pudding.

Do something like this every day. Doesn't have to be the same thing, doesn't have to be at a specific time. Give yourself a moment of creativity and see how it restores your soul.

Try this for the next seven days and see what happens! And email me about it!

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