Friday, July 31, 2009

Discomfort is sometimes a good thing

(c) Joan M. Newcomb

Discomfort isn't always an indicator of something being wrong. Sometimes it's showing us that we're expanding.

Many healing modalities get overly focused on relieving uncomfortable feelings. It's the medical mindset to look for what's wrong and then fix it.

The problem with looking for problems is that they reinforce the reality that there's a problem to look for!

Sometimes it's just that you've stepped into something unfamiliar and new. You're stretching your awareness and the part of you that's an expert in your old reality is feeling pretty darn uncomfortable.

Energetically trying to fix discomfort often leads to effort. Effort stops creativity and spiritual growth.

Sometimes you just have to breathe and walk through it. Or sit with it. Not judge it good or bad.

The "Busting Loose" model by Robert Scheinfeld suggests that you feel the discomfort fully, then tell the Truth about it - that it's an illusion, it's not real. Reclaim power from the illusion and watch it transform.

I know of someone applied this to shingles on her face and they went away within a few days!

Whenever I accelerate to a new way of being, I experience discomfort. I have to leave behind my familiar limitations. I step into the realm of not knowing and uncertainty. It's not easy to keep taking risks. But no growth comes without stretching.

It helps to reframe one's experience of discomfort. Develop a neutral stance towards it. Become curious about it. Be bigger than the "problem". Become open to the vast possibilities and opportunities for transformation.

The thing is not to sit and wallow in it, nor ignore it, or avoid it, or run away from it. Don't let it stop you. Just breathe and walk through it. Carry on regardless.

And pretty soon you'll find yourself in a whole new state of Being!

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