Friday, July 24, 2009

Not Matching Energy

©2009 Joan M. Newcomb

There's a popular manifestation technique which has you drive through wealthy neighborhoods and imagine that you live there. It also suggests that you only hang out with people 'doing better' than you or who've already attained what you want.

The belief is you need to shift your energy level to have what you want.

What happens is that you don't exactly attain what you want, you attain what the group manifests. Which may have elements of what you want, but won't make you really happy, because you aren't being your True Self.

It's difficult to understand this, because we've had to 'match energy' of groups from the moment we're born. In order to fit in our family, we had to match their energy (or atmosphere, or vibratory level, or belief system). In order to fit in with our peer group at school, we had to match them. In order to do well in the workplace we have to match the energy of our employer or our company.

Twice a year I do readings at the Boeing Parapsychology Fair, and it's very amusing to read all the Boeing employees who come by my booth. They all have this grey energy in their auras, which I see as both corporate and military. Or the color of airplanes before they're painted!

In order to make a change in our lives, we have to *not* match energy. If we're looking for work, it's a really good idea not to match the sea of others who are unemployed as well. You want to stand out from the crowd in order to be noticed and remembered. If we want to experience a different reality from our family background, we have to *not* match our family. This may not go over well with your folks and siblings. They may accuse you of getting too big for your britches or of becoming distant. No, you're just traveling your own path and being yourself, perhaps something they've never seen before.

You can change your outer circumstances by changing your inner reality. A stumbling block in many marriages is that partners try to change each other. However a marriage is an equation like A + B = C . All you have to do is change A or B, and C changes. Change yourself, change your reactions, reframe your thinking, focus on yourself and your marriage will change.

One way of not matching energy is to imagine yourself in an egg of a different color. Let's say you work for a corporation and the energy is grey. Imagine yourself in a bubble of your favorite color, and notice how you feel when you're at work. If color doesn't resonate for you, imagine what the musical tone of the company must be, and imagine your bubble playing your own musical frequency.

Try this at work or in any group situation for the next week and see what happens!

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