Friday, November 20, 2009

Bliss and Misery

(c) 2009 Joan M. Newcomb

Today my Yogi Chai Teabag tag read, "Bliss is a constant state of mind, undisturbed by gain or loss."

What that means to me is, bliss is constant.  Joy is constant.  It is always there, we are not always in touch with it.

Ever had a time where things were just crappy, or really serious, and there was a tiny part of your brain that was amused by the whole scene?  Or you were really frightened about something yet there was another part of you that was very calm at the same time?

We're always experiencing (at least) two things at once, we just may not be conscious of it.

Your physical body and personality are reacting to what's going on in the present moment.  Or over-reacting to something that happened in the past and transposing it into the present.  Bodies aren't going to make it out of this lifetime alive, so they take everything very seriously.  They view everything in black or white terms.  "Is this going to kill me?" is usually your body's first thought when presented with something new.

The Essence of who You are, Spirit, Source, Expanded Self, is beyond this lifetime.  It encompasses all past and future lives.  It's neutral about death, because it's eternal.  It's joyous about life, and amused about the human drama.  It's the childlike part of out that gets blissed out by sunsets and water beads on spiderwebs.

It is Unconditional Love, which can compassionately watch mistakes being made and consequences happen, because there are no mistakes.  There are only choices, to go this way, to go that way.  It's all good in the end, because it all ends up returning into wholeness, unity and Joy.

It's excited about fearful things, because It loves the human experience.  All of it.  The smelly, messy, painful, depressing and dark stuff and well as the happiness and beautiful aspects.

You are both these aspects.  Life gets easier when you remember this.  It gets even easier when you shift perspective from the body/personality, where life is happening to you, to Essence/Expanded Self who is steering the boat.  It doesn't happen instantaneously (although it can) and there are many times when you're feeling both at once.

Take yesterday, for example.  Thursdays are difficult for me because Wednesdays are a long and tiring (to my body) schedule.  I'd also posted my updates for my Mystic Mentorship Coaching, my upcoming How To Be Psychic/Clairvoyant on-line training, and my Private Sessions.  So I'd hit a wall of energy which was the pattern in the morphic field of the Collective.

There's the Collective Consciousness and the Collective Unconscious.  Collective Consciousness is the sum total of all of us, moving forward, raising energy, becoming Light (well, we are light, just getting lighter).  Collective Unconscious is all the dark, dreary, depressing stuff.  It's the belief that the economy is real (thus the recession/depression is real).  It's the belief that life is hard.  You can never get ahead.  Who are you to succeed when others are failing?  Etc. etc.

It comes up whenever anyone makes any changes to their lives.

On Thursdays my body feels tired, so it more susceptible to crappiness in the field.  So my body's been getting cranky or sad or depressed, something I'm surprised by because I'm usually cheerful.   It's hard to take it seriously for me, because I've only had this schedule a short while and usually I take better care of myself where potential burnout is concerned.  I think I've been doing this in order to create a critical mass (of a sort) - to get to a bottoming out to assist with this breakthrough.

So it's requiring the basics - feeding it when it's hungry, resting it when it's tired, giving it fun stuff (time out to watch a video on Hulu, a snack, whatever).  It's really like caring for a child, but the child is your body.  It's your vehicle for the physical plane.  How you maintain it influences how you experience the Human Game.

Body's are comforted when You take charge and take care of it.  It becomes easier to go where you need to go and accomplish what you need to, when you do.  It will only slow you down or detour your when you don't.

So it's possible to experience Bliss and Misery at the same time.  And if all you think you're feeling is miserable, know that the Bliss is right there to help if you just lean into it and ask.  It's the same as turning things over to a Higher Power, except it's acknowledging that YOU are the Higher Power.  Not your ego, that's part of your body level.  You.

Navigational tip for this week, notice the bliss within you.  Notice the quiet, calm, serene, part.  Or the childlike, playful, joyful part.  Shift perspective and let that part of you be the dominant one.  See what happens when you make decisions and guide your life from that point of view.

Try this for a week and see what happens!  And let me know!


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