Friday, November 27, 2009

The Universe Works in Mysterious Ways

(c)2009 Joan M. Newcomb

I’ve had several serendipitous occurrences that verifies to me I’m on the right track.  When you’re aligned with Spirit, or connected to your Expanded Self, It gives you ‘cookies’ or validations.

The first was a mixup of dates.  At the end of October, I booked a mini-break out of town with my husband but forgot to write the exact dates down.  I thought it was the second weekend of December.  I scheduled a radio appearance for Dec. 5th, and said ‘yes’ to East West Bookshop to do readings there on Saturday the 12th.  Then I realised that’s when I thought  I’d be out of town, so I called East West before their Dec-Feb. calendar went to press and cancelled the 12th.  Afterwards I found the condo confirmation for mini-break and it was for the first weekend!

I decided I just had to go ahead and do the radio interview whilst on holiday, and regretted nixing East West, feeling it was too late to change things there as the catalogue was already printed.

Then I received an email from the radio host saying their show was being pre-empted for a football game and could we switch to the 12th?  Perfect.  And because of the time of the interview, I couldn’t have done East West that day as well.

Meanwhile, I’ve started an additional radio show of my own on Blog Talk Radio, just for giving free psychic readings.  My Contact Talk Radio show has had increasingly interesting (and well-known) guests, which have been filling the entire hour, leaving me no time to take listeners calls (or the guests take the calls, to promote their own services).  I’m booked until mid-February with guests, so I won’t be able to start scheduling new ones for just 30 minutes until then.

Just got an email from Mike Dooley’s publicist saying he’s no longer doing 60 minute interviews, only 30 minutes.  Perfect.  My January 12th show I can talk to him the first half, and do mini-readings for the rest of the show!!

The final occurrence isn’t fully formed yet.  When I decided to add the Blog Talk show to my schedule, I hadn’t anticipated how energetically demanding it would be.  I feel like I’m in a lot of effort which I assume is going to effect my ability to create.  However this week when I was the most tired and pressed for time, I had a full show of callers.  If effort is supposed to be a deterrent to spiritual creativity, I should have none.

I’m giving it to the end of the week to decide if I’m going to continue with it.   If it shows evidence of bringing in income, either calls for private readings, mystic mentorship coachingmatrix energetics sessions or signups for my new on-line class then I’ll continue. At this point what I may do is instead of 5 mornings a week, do less.

On the other hand, all this effort hasn’t yet yielded the income I’m desiring.  I suspect if I do *stop*, the flow will come in differently.  That’s what I’m anticipating for January when my rates go up.  Less readings but more income.  On the other hand, that’s also when I’m starting to teach my new on-line class, so that will require an acceleration of activity (recording video lessons, emailing students, etc.).

Sometimes an acceleration of activity doesn’t deter manifestation, but enhances it.  A key to Law of Attraction is, after putting out your request to the Universe, is to let go of what you desire.  If you’re too busy to think, you’re not dwelling on what you do or don’t have.  You’ve mentally ‘gotten out of your own way’, which allows the Universe to bring it to you.

Perhaps the main lesson in all of this is to just do it, move forward, do whatever you feel motivated to do.  Drop your preconceived notions on what the outcome is going to be or should be.  And notice what shows up instead!

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