Friday, January 22, 2010

The Other Side (of the Veil)

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

The more readings I do, the more sensitive I become, and I've been doing a record number of readings (for me) over this past year. 

I've been hesitant about developing my ability to talk with dead people, because I don't want to become Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost.  As an empath, I've felt inundated enough by the living!  The increase, however, has been very subtle and, so far, not invasive.

Since moving into my current home nearly 3 years ago, I've occasionally smelled cigarette smoke.  At first I wondered if it were coming from outside, but the windows were closed and where I particularly smell it is far from the neighboring driveway, which is where I'd assume someone would be smoking.  I also wondered if it had to do with our wood stove's chimney, but it's distinctly tobacco smoke.  Then I wondered if it's my ex (who's alive) who I'll still tune into, because of our connection with our kids.  However I suspected it may have been the property's original occupant, who lived here from 1963 until his death in 2003.

Except it's not the original home; it was torn down to the studs and rebuilt.  So it's not the physical building that would still be reeking.  I just learned that this fellow had cancer, and shot himself (in a building no longer standing, outside our house).

Okay, as I typed that last sentence, suddenly I became very aware of his presence, and it felt like my lungs were filled with smoke.  Now I don't have ethics around suicide; I believe when we pass we shift into a world of love and joy.  However I have read folks who've passed and can see residue within them if they were on medication or drugs when they died.  And I know when someone dies suddenly, like in an accident, they're still around physically for a while (just not usually for 7 years).  In this case, I also know this person was a lifelong alcoholic, and so what I was sensing was the personality level that was left behind.

I took some time out from typing this article to do a clearing process by Machaelle Small Wright in her Perelandra Garden Workbooks.  It releases energy from a location in a gentle, co-creative way, so that it can move on to it's next evolution.  I chose this from my spiritual toolkit because it's non-resistant, unlike my older techniques for "exorcism".  Resistance only attracts/perpetuates that which you are resisting.

It's clear now, although I'll do a follow-up later on today.

What just happened was an interesting illustration of experiencing 'the other side'.  Until I knew the details, my awareness of the being was subtle.  He'd been dead awhile, and the longer they've been gone, the more diffuse their energy feels to me.  But when I focused specifically on him, his energy came right in (literally)!  I was aware of desperation to be acknowledged and at the same time I knew it was appropriate to assist him with shifting to his next level of evolution.

It seems to me that your loved ones who have passed would like to be acknowledged by you.  If you're thinking of them, they're still around.  They're not necessarily stuck, often they're around by choice.  A block to communication is the energy of grief.  The more fully you allow yourself to mourn the lost of the physical relationship, the clearer the spiritual connection becomes. 

Bottom line, you're not crazy.  And they're not ghosts.  They're just non-physical.  And I do feel that any unresolved issues, resentments, dissipates when they pass.  If you had an abusive parent, or a narcissistic one, those aspects dissolve and their Essence is easier to connect to.  A lifetime of pain can be resolved in an instant, in a way that would never have been possible if they were alive.

Now there's additional expansion and awareness of what's beyond this physical plane, and I'll share my revelations about that on my my other blog.

An exercise this week, should you choose to accept it, is to talk with a love one who's passed.  Sit quietly with a notepad or journal, and write what you think they'd say to you.  And write your response.  When you read it afterwards, you'll be validated that you couldn't have possibly made it up.  You can also start by writing what you'd like to tell them, and then what their response it.  You won't hear actual words, necessarily, usually I get impressions or 'blocks of thought'.  The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

Try this for a week and see what happens! And email me the results!

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