Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rocks in the River & Synchronicity

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

I think of synchronicity as the Universe telling you you're on the right path.  However, the bigger view of it is that you're clear enough to see it, meaning that you're aligned with the U/HP/Your Expanded self.

Today I started reading a book by someone who had similar training to mine.  What was enjoyable was that they also validated empathy and other abilities.  What was amusing was the good/bad perspective, which sets up resistance.

I then went to EastWest Bookshop to do readings and, while standing behind the front desk working on my schedule sheet, a person came in who I'd known years ago. It took a while to place her when I realized she came in to put up posters for the place where I'd trained and worked!  I started to say hello, but she didn't hear me.  So I continued with my schedule sheet and noticed my energy shifting as I hit the different pictures from my experience with that organization.

We never did make eye contact and she eventually left the store, and I was hugely amused by the synchronicity of it.

I'm going through an enormous shift where I feel I'm embodying all the new awarenesses I've been coming to over the last three or four years.  At some point I wondered if I was turning into Byron Katie or Eckhart Tolle.  Only their transformations came after severe depression and was sudden rather than gradual.  I'm just evolving to a new level of experiencing reality.

Another synchronicity is that I've been writing about Ho'Oponopono and frequently wake up in the middle of the night doing it and feeling this intense flow of Love coming towards me.  Out of the blue, Mabel Katz' PR person contacted me.  Mabel's the #2 Ho'Oponopono expert in the world! I had her on my radio show yesterday and afterwards I was just humming with this new frequency.

At the same time, out of the blue I'll create getting hit with someone doing or saying something that just knocks me off center!  So in the midst of this expansion and feelings of love, joy, relaxation, effortlessness, I'll get really pissed off! 

The picture I get is that I'm going with the flow, swimming down the river, and just beneath the surface will be a rock that I'll hit my foot on.  Which implies to me that I'm not quite at that high joy vibration, if my feel as still dangling low enough to hit rocks!

Rocks are dense, slow moving, seemingly not moving, vibrations.  An example of this lower frequency is prejudice.  An old friend of mine forwarded an email protesting the upcoming US postage stamp commemorating a Muslim holiday.  It ranted 'Muslim terrorist attack' this and 'Muslim' that.  Now, any educated and intelligent person knows that the Muslim religion is a vast one, with many devout followers, and only a very small portion are fanatical enough to take the course of violence.  I got immensely pissed off! I wrote back 'Muslims are no more terrorists than fundamentalist Christians! I won't be a party to perpetuating such ignorant beliefs'.  And the anger stayed with me for the entire day!

What I realized later was that I'd bumped into the lower vibration of prejudice/bigotry and reflected right back the same intensity/emotion that had come towards me.

Usually I'd just delete the email, but in this heightened state I reacted rather than responded.

The other two incidences had to do with criticism, which is a core pattern that has run through my life.  Normally I wouldn't care, but each of them it set me off, again for most of a day. 

Today I'm slowly getting back in the flow (rather than swimming, I've the image of kayaking and using the paddle to steer me over to the current I want to go with).

This planet is such a wonderful game, and there are so many levels and realms to play in!  We have the choice of where and how we want to play, even though sometimes it doesn't feel that way!

The choice for me, over and over again, is to de-energize projections and align with Source.  I have many tools and techniques to do this, it just requires remaining Conscious in order to use them!

Notice for yourself where you are swimming (or paddling).  Notice how the current feels to you, and whether there are rocks.  How do you want to navigate?  Make the choice to Consciously navigate and notice what synchronicities show up for you!!

Try this for a week and see what happens! And email me the results!

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