Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work Can Be Fun!

(c)2010  Joan M. Newcomb

This morning I had a to-do list as long as my arm, and I decided to walk my dogs first.  As I was heading out the driveway with them, I realized I was thinking of the list with dread.  Which was interesting because it had a lot of fun things on it!

Because I'd labeled all the to-do's as "work", I was approaching the list with effort!  Because work has to be hard, right?  It's not work if you're having fun!

It's interesting that I still have that concept floating in my space, since my work is so unusual!  I host a radio show, I do psychic readings, I "mystic mentor" coach, and I give Matrix Energetics sessions.  Occasionally I officiate weddings, a business I've retired from but still attract via word of mouth.

There have been times in the past where I experience invalidation, because I don't have an 8 to 6 job.  Because it's unstructured, I've had to acknowledge when I'm working.  If I'm answering client emails on a Sunday morning, writing a radio script on Monday evening, reading a book that an upcoming guest has written sitting on the ferry Wednesday night, it's work.

Recently I decided to get more focused about "work", devoting chunks of days to catching up with my radio show archives, sending out PRs to get myself on other's shows, consciously marketing on a daily basis, etc. None of this is brain surgery, all of this is self-motivated, and all of it is very creative.

Focusing helps bring things into form.  What I noticed is that my income flow has increased, and so has requests on my time!

The energy of Effort contracts you and restricts your creativity.  So working "hard" can actually slow you down!  If you can make a game of it, or at the very least approach it with a sense of playfulness, you may find yourself being much more efficient and effective!

I discovered that most of my 'to-do' list got done in the first 30 minutes of my day this morning.  Had I stayed in effort, it could have take most of the day.

Take a look at your own work, or the things in your life that you label work.  How much fun are they?  How much fun *could* they be, if you didn't take them so seriously?  Take a second look at the things on your to-do list and imagine a different way of approaching them.

Doing your taxes can be fun with numbers, a chance to play on your computer, to let Turbo Tax do all the work!  Cleaning your house, you can take a cue from Mary Poppins and give it a 'spoonful of imaginary sugar'!  Set an egg timer and see how much you can get done in 15 minutes, and stop when the bell goes off (unless you feel like continuing).  At your job and dealing with a difficult co-worker?  Imagine you're in a spinoff of "The Office".

You can do this in baby steps.  Take one "to-do" a day and make it fun, and see what happens in a week!

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