Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You and your body

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

What perspective are you viewing your reality from?  Are you just seeing the limitations, the drama, the pain and angst of daily living?  Or do you have a broader viewpoint; can you see things on a global scale?

Your physical form, your body (and to a great extent, your personality) only knows what it's experienced.  Most of your personality is an accumulation of impressions gained from the moment your body was conceived.  Physical bodies think of things in terms of life and death, because they ain't gonna make it out of this lifetime alive!

You, the Essence of You, transcends time and space.  Your physical body is only one of many it's had (and has).  It is an infinite Source of information and energy.  Whereas bodies take things very seriously, You are serenely amused and even joyous about all of life experiences.

All it takes is a simple shift of perspective to completely change your reality.

Now, there is a subtle in-between state of the Personality level one can easily slip into, thinking you're being You.  Some identify it as Ego.  It's when you negate the experiences of physical form, and other personalities.  Ego thinks it's above and beyond and therefore better than all that.  Can you see the error in that?  It's called judgement.  Ego judges, and that is still a body/personality level perspective.

You, the Real You, Essence, doesn't judge.  It Loves.  You *love* physical experience.  You get excited over challenges.  You feel compassion for the other aspects of yourself that are running around viewing the world through limiting lenses and feeling that pain and angst are real.  You *love* your own foibles, much the way a parent loves their toddler and their antics. 

Ego thinks that to experience true neutrality, it shouldn't feel anything.

You *love* feelings, you savor every nuance and spectrum of them.  You just don't take them very seriously.

From this viewpoint, life is an enjoyable and effortless dance through currents of energy.  Even though in your storyline you may be having the same 'problems', they just don't seem a big deal any more.  You know reality can change at any moment.  Someone may send you an email and, until you open it, it could say something positive or something negative (or neither).  You go for medical tests and, until the moment of diagnosis (and even after) the outcome could be anything!

Synchronicities abound when you're dwelling at this level.  Such things are You being playful with Yourself. It's an Easter Egg hunt of fun surprises.  Everything is an enjoyable reflection of what you're choosing to emit and receive through your physical form and personality.

How do you get to this place?  That's an age-old question.  People have been on the 'quest' since the game of having bodies on this planet began.  It's really very simple.  Just start noticing.

Notice what your current experience is at this (and every) moment.  Are you feeling discomfort? Do you feel tense or sad?  Is life happening 'to' you?  All of these are clues that you're looking at life through the eyes of your vehicle, rather than You the driver. 

Begin to identify with Your Essence.  I AM Essence/Spirit/Source, I have a (or this is my) body.  You can even communicate to your body, coaxing and reassuring it that You're here now, and everything's going to be all right (you'd be surprised how effective that is).

If you react strongly to something, ask yourself 'how am I bigger than this situation/problem?'

Every moment is a choice, an opportunity.  As you withdraw your focus from the body level perspective, those currents and energies have less pull on you.  They're still there, but it's not a struggle.  It's the difference between running from the waves or surfing or diving through them.

Try this for a week and see what happens!  And email me what happens!

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