Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Other Aspects of Myself

(c) 2010 Joan M. Newcomb

Who are all these other people in your hologram?  Are they separate from you, or are they other aspects of you?  Are they characters in your personal life-movie?  Are they real or are they made up?

If someone is mad at you or invalidates you, is it because you're projecting that? Is it because you're mad at yourself or have low self-esteem?  What about people who are in your life and aren't mad at you, but are having a terrible time themselves?  If it's your hologram, did you make them that way?

I think these questions are what make tangled hierarchy so tangled!

What we are dealing with here are different levels of perception, different levels of awareness.  At the physical level, you are separate from everyone else.  All the other people in the world are real, individual, and separate from you.  They can have power and influence over you.  Everyone has free will and everyone has a specific purpose in life.  At the physical level, you are located in this body and they are located in their bodies.

At the next level you understand that you view the world through your projections.  There are people out there but your awareness of them is influenced by the 'slides' you view them through.  They can project energy to you through their slides of you, as well.  You can attract them into your experience through your matching pictures.

At the next level You are aware You are Consciousness, and you've created the physical to experience the opposite of who You are.  It's You here, it's You there, it's You everywhere.  It's You talking to You.  The illusion of different forms and different personalities is just a fun creation of Yours.

But wait, is it many bits of You everywhere?  Or is it just You and the rest are holographic images?

The answer to both questions is Yes.

Look down at yourself when you say that.  You're looking at a holographic image.  The physical form you feel you're residing in, with all it's burps and gurgles, is an image as much as the other physical form, whether it's purring at your feet or watching TV in the other room.

What happens as you shift perspective?  Reality shifts, too.  In the first stage, everything is dense, solid and real.  There's cause and effect.  Things are predictable.  Everything requires time and space to happen. In the second stage, there's more movement, more change opportunities.  Time and space are still required, but there's room for more possibilities.

In the third stage everything in the earlier stages goes out the window.  Everything is random.  Things happen, don't happen, happen differently, all simultaneously.  Infinite possibilities exist.  You can flow from parallel universe to parallel universe as effortlessly as changing lanes on the freeway.

Other Aspects of Yourself show up in your hologram like actors appearing in a scene.  They may or may not be around for the next episode.  They make change personalities in mid-stream.  They make change bodies but be the same personalities.  There's really no taking them seriously, or the storyline seriously, as it's all just a fun night at the Improv.

We're all flowing towards this stage of awareness.  In my sitcom, 2012 is going to be a mass consciousness shift to this level.  All the angst and effort, density and drama, will disintegrate and what will be left is joy and love, effortlessness, and fun.

Notice wherever you currently are and notice what is changing, what is different. Let yourself easily enjoy the change.

And that's all you have to do this week!

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