Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quantum Leaps

"And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anaïs Nin

(c)2010 Joan M. Newcomb

I define Quantum Leaps as stepping beyond your limits into a new, expanded reality.  They're often accompanied by a physical leap of some sort. 

When I decided to go to Findhorn the first time, it was a huge stretch for me.  I had two young children at home and hadn't been anywhere by myself in years.  A family crisis seemingly had passed so I committed my 'emergency fund' to afford an introductory week there.  In the months that unfolded from the time I made the commitment to the time I actually flew there, my income went up dramatically.  So much so, that I was able to afford a second week, and still came home with the original 'emergency fund' intact!

Findhorn transformed me.  It healed the experience with my previous spiritual community and opened me to a whole new way of being in the world.  It also helped me take the next leap, which was to leave my irreparably damaged marriage.

That leap resulted in years of poverty and hardship, but also tremendous spiritual growth.  It's interesting to note that, when things were the most difficult, was also when miracles occurred.  Support came from out of left field, in totally unexpected ways.

There's a scene in one of the Indiana Jones' movies where Indy is running through a passage way inside a mountain and abruptly comes out to a fog-filled abyss.  He hesitates a moment and then steps out into it.  The fog clears to reveal a crystal bridge.  

Quantum leaps are initiated by your Inner Being (Expanded Self/Spirit/Essence).  When you heed them and step forward, support appears.  

You are being called to break through your perceived limitations and step into a bigger experience. The instinct to stay 'safe' but contracted is a distorted one.  Being contracted is not safe, it is a slow death.

You may or may not be called to quantum leap at this time.  You may be urged to take a baby step!  Look at yourself and your life at present.  Are things going well?  Are things moving or flowing?  Do you have enough money flowing in, are you in a loving relationship (or in loving relationship with yourself)?  Are you expressing your creativity?  Then perhaps all you need is 'maintenance' steps to keep the current energy moving.

Or is there one, or more, major areas of you life that seems stuck and not moving?  Whatever the reason, it indicates you're ripe for a Quantum Leap.  Look at what would break you outside the box or propel you forward.  What risk is required for you to regain your True Self?

Maybe it's something you've been wanting to do for a while.  Maybe it's an action you haven't let yourself even consider (until now).  Does it require a baby step, a minor course correction or a Quantum Leap?

This week, let yourself actually plan to make the required change (if not actually do it).  And see what miracles happen when you do!

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