Friday, April 23, 2010

It's All Consciousness

(c) 2010 Joan Newcomb

While at the grocery store, I was musing about (my interpretation) of Robert Scheinfeld's model of this all being a hologram and not being real. It's like a full immersion video game, all created by Your Expanded Self.  When I step into that awareness, I feel like I'm on a movie set and indeed, nothing seems real.

Then I was thinking about Findhorn's belief that *everything* is real.  They even name their cooking utensils and refrigerators!  I remember when I first became aware of the concept - that trees were aware, that everything had devas - and feeling self conscious to get undressed by the windows (I lived in a rural area and had no curtains), because there were trees there!

As I left the store and walked to my car, I wondered how to reconcile the two.  What is it?  Is everything real or is nothing real? I had these thoughts as I passed under a tree next to where I was parked.  The tree said:

"It's all Consciousness."

I was flooded with the revelation that - *everything* is Consciousness.  The misinterpretation by people visiting Findhorn is that cooking utensils and fridges have personalities.  It's all Consciousness.  The misinterpretation by people listening to Scheinfeld's model is that nothing outside is alive.

Everything is alive with Consciousness.  Consciousness creates everything.  Everything reflects consciousness.  It's all real in the very moment you're experiencing it.  And it's all a creation of You, Consciousness.

The illusions are - time and space and distance and separation and story.

Recall those moments when you felt fully Present, perhaps after meditation, or exercise, or falling in love, or an inspirational workshop.  Did you feel fully Alive?  Did everything seem brighter and greener and more vivid?  Did you *feel* happy, joyous, and free?  Time seemed to stand still, or last forever.

Now recall those moments when you felt disconnected or distracted.  Perhaps involved in some life drama, caught up in work or family issues, or news events.  See the filter that affected your perception?  Things felt numb or contracted, looked dull and grey?  Didn't you feel glum or down or cranky?  Time seemed agonizingly slow or endless.

Which is real?

Which reality do you want?

Everything is Consciousness, You are Consciousness.  You can connect to that awareness at any time, in any place. 

Your assignment this week (should you choose it):  Shift your awareness out of the story or the personality at any given moment.  Stuck in traffic?  Say 'hi' to Consciousness and see how things instantly become different.  In a boring meeting?  Notice the aliveness in all the molecules that have come together to form the room and the people in it.  Awake in the middle of the night wrestling with inner gremlins?  Tune into the Silence beyond your thoughts.

And notice what happens!  Email me the results!

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